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These companies ‘get’ social media. Does yours?

Kerry Capell has written an interesting post over at providing an excellent case study for the usage of social media services in companies’ marketing strategy. In her post, Building European Brands through Social Media, Kerry is giving examples of some European brands – Cadbury, Vodafone, Unilever, Nestle and Volkswagen – and their innovative ideas of connecting the customers to the product and making conversation.

The concept of leveraging social (or new) media to reinvent the way companies engage with their customers isn’t new, but it’s always refreshing reading the new ideas and then looking in-house, at your company, and exploring what’s possible. In tough economical times, getting ad money isn’t easy (not to mention budget cuts), and social media campaigns are much cheaper, more effective (at times) and make a lot of noise.

Clay Shirky said in his recent TED lecture that twitter is making history and that the internet is changing the way people communicate and collaborate – “When a new consumer joins the conversation, a new producer joins as well”. The examples Kerry brings forth are a strong testimony to the power of social media and I hope Israeli companies will soon follow in those foot steps. I for one, will definitely do my best to make it a reality, soon.

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RSS is (still) alive

After a busy week I sat down catching up with my RSS feeds, when these posts popped up, both talking about the ‘death of RSS‘ and the ‘re-birth of twitter as the new RSS‘. While I agree to some extent with both Orli Yakuel and Steve Gillmor that twitter definitely changed the way we consume and search for content, I disagree with their bottom-lines.
RSS is still in the game, and its ‘TOD‘ announcement was premature.

Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed – whatever they grew from, they morphed into a realtime CMS for the emerging media. Twitter, not RSS, became the early warning system for new content. (Steve Gillmor)

And Orli:

Bottom line, you can’t have a live conversation from within your RSS reader. Today, with Twitter, you see links posted by your friends and can immediately create a discussion around it. The web was never as accessible as it is today. (Orli Yakeul)

Twitter has definitely changed the way we communicate with each other, much like cellphones or SMS did several years ago. A simple service, that is considered less-formal (but used for business daily), with a cool GUI and multiple integration points – has hooked us all, and got us thinking in 140 chars sentences.

RSS is still alive because:

  • Not missing the action. Since leaving IBM, we have only 1 laptop at home (will change soon), my fiancee’s – I use it when she doesn’t. One of the things that bug me about twitter, is information overload. True, I choose who to follow, I create groups and searches in tweetdeck, but still, how many of you scroll down the column to see ‘the past’? I’m guessing very few. Twitter is about now, right now. If you missed it, it’s old news, not interesting.
  • Various integration points. Same with twitter, RSS is accessible from a variety of applications: messaging (even IM), browsers, dedicated software, mobile and more.
  • RSS will die when blogs will. RSS was born for blogs and news sites, and makes it easier to track stories and articles, in a slight delay. I first came to know Orli, Kfir, Lior, Ahuvah, Gal and the gang from their blog – which were (and still are) written elegantly, clear and to the point, with their own professional angle on things. The 3 tabs I always have open in FF are GReader, Facebook and Gmail.

Twitter will kill RSS in the future because:

  • Micro-blogging will eventually rule. Don’t know if at 140 chars or more, but I definitely see a change in the read/write culture – people are talking in updates, even children. Try having a conversation with a teenager (<18)>
  • Topics and not sites. If I had to choose one important change twitter introduced – it’s the fact we’re starting to track topics and not sites (like RSS). Obviously you can create a RSS for twitter search, but there’s nothing like the source. The hashtags (#) have made it easier for us to start a topic (tlvmarathon) and track a story (swineflu).
  • Conversation. This is the heart of web 2.0, in any slide and presentation ever written about this term. We are no longer consuming content, we are conversing about content. And while GReader lets you ‘share on facebook’, ‘add to‘ and others, it does not compare to the instant discussion twitter enables us to do.

That’s my opinion. You’re welcome to comment with yours.

Separation of knowledge

When I joined twitter over a year ago it was with a clear objective: ability to update my facebook status much more easily.

That was then. Now is now.

As of this weekend, I’ve disabled the twitter application in facebook. A very smart lady told me once she’s keeping twitter and facebook separate, and I didn’t understand a) why and b) how. After a year on twitter and 2 years on facebook, with some 740 followers and 840 friends, respectively, I have the answers to both questions.

Twitter is not facebook. Facebook is a social site, for making friends, groups, events, photos, apps, pokes, etc, whilst twitter is a micro-blogging service with quicker communication. People often see twitter as a human-GPS-locater, but the truth is far from it. Yes, some do use twitter for geo-location, some are even doing it in a smart way. I use twitter to interact with interesting people and read/see/share pages I didn’t know before. More than updating your status, twitter is about conversation, and keeping the wheel spinning. To that extent, Topify does an excellent work by analyzing a person’s ‘twitter credibility’, making it easier for me to decide ‘follow or not follow’.

Separation of knowledge. Not all the stuff I write on twitter are ‘facebook-material’. Sometimes I want to keep a facebook status but still update twitter. In order to do so, I’ll be using 2 main applications – twibble and tweetdeck. The first is for my Nokia N95 and the second is for the laptop. Both apps are sporting new versions, and Tweetdeck also gives you the option to update facebook (default is no).

So, long story short:
If you want to stay current of everything I do, start following me. I’m still gonna update facebook using tweetdeck but the frequency will probably decrease a bit.

Ashton Kutcher hits 1m followers – good or bad?

Three months ago I sat down with some friends and they asked me how come their facebook page (news feed) is filled with updates from me. I responded by saying ‘I installed the twitter app in facebook, and now my updates on twitter appear as facebook status messages as well’. Everyone asked me ‘twitter what?!’ and I tried explaining it without sounding too geeky.. 😉

Last week the same friends asked me ‘what’s twitter good for?’ and ‘I’m thinking of opening up an account – can you help?’. Oh boy, the age of (twitter) innocence has passed. After this week’s battle between CNNBRK (CNN Breaking News) and Aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) it seems twitter is the new pet on the block and everyone wants one, including Oprah. And twitter has also showed some muscle, by disabling the ‘un-follow’ option from both CNNBRK and Aplusk, to not lose users after the battle is over..

But what are we talking about here people? what exactly Ashton is saying to his 1,140,000 followers? is twitter still the tool to convey meaningful messages or is twitter merely the tool to ‘launder’ gossip and give them ‘a meaning’? Yuval Dror and Lior Zoref both beat the crowd by posting their own views on the subject, but whereas Yuval is still looking for meaning at twitter (maybe because they have no business model yet?), Lior crowned it as ‘twitter revolution has only began‘, pointing to the CNNBRK vs. Aplusk saga and Susan Boyle‘s phenomenon. Gal Mor also published his views, in this appropriately titled ‘Ashton’s and CNN’s publicity stunt‘ post.

Ashton attracts 1m followers because, in my opinion, he has access to mainstream media, and gives us (social-media-buffs) the feeling that we’re not alone in this (twittering).. I’ll probably won’t pay much attention to most of Ashton’s updates (except his ustream videos), but it’s good to know that the dude who’s married to Demi Moore is a social media geek just like us… 😉

What do you think? are you one of Aplusk’s followers? considering to be? has twitter lost its innocence?

7 days

It’s getting close people, and sometimes I think that only when it truly happens will I understand (and absorb) it fully. In 7 days I’ll be un-employed.

I might have been in denial, at a subconscious level at least, but next Wed will be my last day at IBM, and with the local market conditions, the future is somewhat foggy. Israel has suffered a blow from the worldwide economic recession, but unlike the US, Russia and parts of Europe, our unemployment numbers are ‘relatively’ low, and expected to reach 7.5% 3Q09.

Job Search 2.0
I am using these 4 sites heavily:,, and LinkedIn in my daily searches for open positions. I’m also using facebook and twitter to market myself and my skills, and this blog as an online CV for potential head-hunters. Speaking of head-hunters, I met with 3 already, planning to meet 2 more after Pesach. Leaving an employer such as IBM at times like this might sound crazy to some people, but those who know me understand why. I know what I’m looking for in my next job and understand my fellow un-employees refusing to work at teenagers salary.

I know my next job is out there (already met it), just need to work hard to get it.. 😉

National Insurance Institute of Israel
LinkedIn Jobs
What I’m looking for?

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