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7 days

It’s getting close people, and sometimes I think that only when it truly happens will I understand (and absorb) it fully. In 7 days I’ll be un-employed.

I might have been in denial, at a subconscious level at least, but next Wed will be my last day at IBM, and with the local market conditions, the future is somewhat foggy. Israel has suffered a blow from the worldwide economic recession, but unlike the US, Russia and parts of Europe, our unemployment numbers are ‘relatively’ low, and expected to reach 7.5% 3Q09.

Job Search 2.0
I am using these 4 sites heavily:,, and LinkedIn in my daily searches for open positions. I’m also using facebook and twitter to market myself and my skills, and this blog as an online CV for potential head-hunters. Speaking of head-hunters, I met with 3 already, planning to meet 2 more after Pesach. Leaving an employer such as IBM at times like this might sound crazy to some people, but those who know me understand why. I know what I’m looking for in my next job and understand my fellow un-employees refusing to work at teenagers salary.

I know my next job is out there (already met it), just need to work hard to get it.. 😉

National Insurance Institute of Israel
LinkedIn Jobs
What I’m looking for?

What am I gonna do next?

First off I want to thank all the people that sent me messages (facebook, twitter and here) following my Moving on post from last week. Reading your positive feedback was pure pleasure, coming from customers, business partners, analysts and friends with whom I worked over the past 8 years. Thank you!

Some of you asked me where am I going, what am I doing next. So, here’s my answer:
As of today, I am still looking for my next challenge. The economic climate isn’t sunny at the moment, but the market is still very much active, and opportunities are always opening up.
If you have a friend, who knows a friend, who heard of an open position – here’s what I’m bringing to the table:

  • 8 years experience at IBM
  • Current (last) role: Software sales leader, for mobile, messaging, knowledge management, web-portals and social media solutions – annual sales of $1M.
  • Worked across all industries in Israel, focusing on enterprise (finance, insurance, government) but also SMB/SME.
  • Previous roles: Intranet Editor and Webmaster, Internal Comms Mgr. and IBM BP Center Marketing Mgr.
  • Familiar with marketing tactics and strategies, social media tools, market analysis and monitoring, budget allocations, interactive and advertising experience.
  • Direct and channel sales, pipeline management, generating demand, sales cycles, CRM/Siebel expertise, post-sale support.
  • Excellent knowledge of the IT market, both locally and globally, fast learner and technology savvy.
  • Almost 31, single (with a special lady), BA in Finance and MBA in Marketing, and a graduate of IBM Global Sales School.
  • Willing to relocate if needed.

I’ll be most useful to your company in two major fields:
Marketing – as a marketing manager, digital/internet marketing manager and/or marcom mgr.
Sales (IT) – software sales, sales leader/manager, account manager.

I’m well-connected, socially that is, so feel free to ask around for recommendations. If you need a formal CV, email me: dvirreznik at or send me a DM on twitter. See you around 🙂

Photo from istockphoto, licensed.

My CV as a tag cloud

I first saw Wordle over at Adam Gartenberg, and done it immediately. Since then, Alan, Roo and TED have done it also. Tagging is very popular now, and serves as an easy way to locate information, so why not tag everything?

And – IBM’s own Jonathan Feinberg created it – kudos !

So, here’s my CV, as a tag cloud.

Mobile & Media Consultant. I help startup companies launch products to the consumer market. Reach out: dvir.reznik [at]



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