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Social Media for the Career Minded [infographic]

Spotted this earlier this week over at Mashable.

It’s long, take your time 😉

Firefox 4 Twitter Party

Being successful and innovative with crowd sourcing (and digital marketing for that matter) is the holy grail of ad agencies, working tirelessly in an effort to nail what works, and what’s not. Old Spice is probably my favorite example of all times, T-Mobile’s Dance and Welcome are another example, Coca Cola Village too, from an Israeli perspective.

Now I can also add Firefox to that list, with their Firefox 4 Twitter Party, which introduced the latest browser version to the world, using a beautiful visualization to encourage people to join. Every tweet which included the #fx4 hashtag was automatically added to the party, creating the FF logo, made of people’s faces. Hover over a pixel and the tweet pops out.

Firefox 4 Twitter Party

Should be interesting to see Firefox’s stats, analyze the numbers. I used Firefox for 5-6 years (mid 2000), up until Chrome came to (a stable) life 3 years ago. The party actually triggered an action for me – gonna download, give it another try.

Definitely worth visiting Firefox 4 Twitter Party site to see the logo growing.

Update [March 24]: Firefox 4 just passed 14,000,000 downloads, according to

The New VW Passat Ad – The Force

Came across this hilarious ad for VW New Passat 2012 last week on facebook (which became a primary source for tracking interesting stories), and immediately found its way to my tumblr. And now my blog. Last week the count was 7 million, today it’s over 11 million. The force is strong with this one.. 😉
Who ever thought of this ad, wrote its storyboard, is a genius!

Enjoy !

The Future of Nonprofit Summit Israel

On the last day of February I’ll be attending FONSI – The Future of Nonprofit Summit Israel conference, at Nalaga’at Center, Jaffa port. The Future of Nonprofit Summit Israel [FONSI] is designed to showcase the best tools, latest trends, and best practices in order to advance the third sector in Israel.

I’ll be on the ‘Is Social Media Overrated‘ panel (scheduled for 16:30 – so please stay ;-), along with Olivier, Kfir, Hadassah and Florence, speaking about the status of social media, specifically how (and if) nonprofits can leverage the tools and services to their advantage. Will share best practices from my own experience, like Alfa Romeo, Nokia World 2010, and others.

Register here, sponsors here. See you Feb. 28th !

Welcome Back by T-Mobile

If you’re reading my blog long enough you know I have a soft spot for crowdsourcing/digital and how brands are leveraging these technologies and platforms to boost sales, strengthen customer loyalty or create demand.

T-Mobile UK is one of the companies who are doing an excellent work online, and in my opinion can be credited with the flash mob phenomenon.

At the end of October they shot another flash mob video, this time at Heathrow Airport, International Arrivals Terminal 5. Watch and learn.

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