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The New VW Passat Ad – The Force

Came across this hilarious ad for VW New Passat 2012 last week on facebook (which became a primary source for tracking interesting stories), and immediately found its way to my tumblr. And now my blog. Last week the count was 7 million, today it’s over 11 million. The force is strong with this one.. 😉
Who ever thought of this ad, wrote its storyboard, is a genius!

Enjoy !

Star Wars – Facebook Edition has re-enacted the 1st Star Wars movie as a facebook conversation, comprised of 63 comments. Long, but definitely shorter than watching the entire movie.

Star Wars 1

See the original at

And thanks to Erez Ronen over at Holes in the Net for sharing!

How it all began

I found on the web this great video, entitled ‘Lucas in Love’, an 8 minute short film (don’t know who made it) outlining how Star Wars started… You can see “young” George Lucas, still in university, and he has 3 days to finish his script otherwise he won’t graduate..

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