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Robin Williams Doing a French Siri on Ellen

Siri is responsible for a lot of funny moments since debuting mid-October.

First there was College Humor, now it’s the master – Mr. Robin Williams, doing his French version of Siri on The Ellen Show.

Via TechCrunch.

Message from your husband: I appreciate you [Siri Parody]

Hilarious!! Watched it 4 times now, still laughing.

TheNextWeb published, Hillel tweeted, by CollegeHumor.

‘OMG!! #Jesus is Right In Front of Me!’ [Video]

Louis CK of course, who else?

The comedian appeared on Conan last Friday, sharing what he thinks about social media, Twitter (‘I follow no one’) and the mobile era. And thanks to Hillel for sharing.

I just had Sex – SNL Digital Short

No need to introduce Andy Samberg, nor the Digital Short series on SNL. Andy, along with Akiva and Jorma are the trio who formed back in 2001 The Lonely Island, an American comedy group. Many ‘shorts’ have reached internet fame, and the renowned ‘Dick in a Box‘ (featuring Justin Timberlake) even grabbed an Emmy in 2007, for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.

Their latest creation from this Sat., I just had Sex, featuring Akon, Jessica Alba and Blake Lively, already made some online noise, hilarious as always. Enough with the words, let’s watch some videos!

And here’s the one that started it all, Dick in a Box:

Angry Birds Peace Treaty

Season 8 of Israel’s leading comedy/late-night show, Eretz Nehederet (A Wonderful Country), starts shooting soon, and in the meantime they started publishing short clips online.

The latest one is a parody on the world’s famous mobile game – Angry Birds, with a Middle-eastern twist 🙂 The English version was published 4 days after the Hebrew one and already surpassed it by # of views. Even received a share from Jeremiah Owyang on facebook.


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