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Robin Williams Doing a French Siri on Ellen

Siri is responsible for a lot of funny moments since debuting mid-October.

First there was College Humor, now it’s the master – Mr. Robin Williams, doing his French version of Siri on The Ellen Show.

Via TechCrunch.

First post from my iPad

OK, this is very-very nice!

I know it’s been almost 2 months since my last post here, and you’ve been the most loyal readers – so thanks again for staying!!

Got back from a two and a half week long vacation in NYC and NH with my wife, which was absolutely great! I’ll write a more detailed post of what we did, where we stayed, which apps and services we used before, during and after our vacation, but it was truly a fun vacation. We were also in NYC ‘in time’ for Hurricane Irene, which will make a nice bedtime story to tell our grandchildren, one day in the future.


So, iPad. Yes, got one eventually, although as my wife reminded me shortly before swiping my card – ‘didn’t you call it a bigger iPhone only without cellular capabilities when it was launched last year’? Yes, I did. And hopefully in 90 days time, or maybe 20, I’ll sit down to write that ‘first 30 days with the iPad’ post, like Dan Frommer recently wrote (and I read on Flipboard for iPad two nights ago).


Anyhow, first post from the iPad, more to come.

Amsterdam – here I come!

You wouldn’t believe how many draft posts I have here, stuff I read, encountered, experienced, and just couldn’t find the time to write. Not to mention the birthday weekend I spent with the wife in London. I hoped the Passover vacation will provide some freedom, but shortly after returning from London, our startup received awesome news – we’ve been accepted as a finalist to launch Onavo at TheNextWeb Startup Rally 2011 in Amsterdam!!

That’s the beauty of working at a startup – always on the move, always changing, always thinking ‘what if’. And TheNextWeb Conference 2011 is a major ‘what if’, which was part of my marketing plan with the possibility to literally disrupt everything we’re doing, preparing to launch our product to the world.

So, this week, Wednesday to Friday (27-29 April), I’ll be at Amsterdam with our Co-Founders, roaming the halls of TheNextWeb Conference. Onavo is presenting on stage Friday around 12:00 CET, right after Scoble keynote presentation on the main stage. To catch all the action from Amsterdam and TheNextWeb Conference, follow my Twitter feed, @dvirreznik, or the official TNW/TheNextWeb accounts. We’ve also tweaked the homepage a bit, counting to the launch – check it out.

See you in Amsterdam!


20 days into 2011.

20 days without a post.

20 days of working at Onavo.

Onavo team - missing: Eran Friedman

Onavo team - missing: Eran Friedman

We’re doing brilliant things here, around data compression – very relevant to business travelers, and travelers in general. In a sentence: Onavo is about saving you money when you’re doing data roaming with your iPhone (Android coming soon) abroad.

We’re currently in closed alpha, but accepting new beta testers. If you want to join, email your name and mobile carrier to: info at

Stay tuned.

Word Lens – Mobile Translation

If any of you had a doubt that mobile is already changing the way we live, comes Word Lens (iPhone, free demo, 4.99US$ full) and puts another nail (or click) to strengthen that statement.

Very simple – point your iPhone on any word, and receive an immediate translation on the screen. Currently support English and Spanish only, but additional languages are in the works.

First seen at Appboy (by Hillel Fuld).

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