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First post from my iPad

OK, this is very-very nice!

I know it’s been almost 2 months since my last post here, and you’ve been the most loyal readers – so thanks again for staying!!

Got back from a two and a half week long vacation in NYC and NH with my wife, which was absolutely great! I’ll write a more detailed post of what we did, where we stayed, which apps and services we used before, during and after our vacation, but it was truly a fun vacation. We were also in NYC ‘in time’ for Hurricane Irene, which will make a nice bedtime story to tell our grandchildren, one day in the future.


So, iPad. Yes, got one eventually, although as my wife reminded me shortly before swiping my card – ‘didn’t you call it a bigger iPhone only without cellular capabilities when it was launched last year’? Yes, I did. And hopefully in 90 days time, or maybe 20, I’ll sit down to write that ‘first 30 days with the iPad’ post, like Dan Frommer recently wrote (and I read on Flipboard for iPad two nights ago).


Anyhow, first post from the iPad, more to come.

Welcome to my new home –

After almost 3 years and over 400 posts at Blogger, I decided it’s time to leave the nest, and join the ‘big-boys’ playground. Welcome to my new website – !

Welcome to my new homeI’ll write later this week about the migration process and the steps I took moving from Blogger to WordPress, was relatively easy. If you’re reading this via your favorite RSS Reader, please make sure you’re subscribed to the new feed I’ve updated feedburner, but you can never be 100% sure..

My first blog post was on January 17 2007, where I wrote: I wanted to open a blog for some time now, as part of this ‘web 2.0′ trend that’s flooding the web and the IT/Business scene, but there was always something else in my to-do list… already there are over 55 million of them, so what is one more blog?

The blogosphere has changed a lot these past 3 years, and the playing field has become tougher, with the rise of micro-blogging tools as twitter, and social networking sites like facebook, which makes it easier to share your life with people, and create content. Many have announced ‘the death of blogging‘ and ‘rss is over‘ in the past, but I liked what Steve Rubel wrote 6 months ago, Blogs are out of Beta, but Bloggers should always be in Beta:’ Blogs are the new normal, everything is a blog… Bloggers, as pioneers, should always be in beta, seeking to grow and advance our beloved format, rather than be complacent.

Market of Informationvia

This blog was the first step I took in the public world, my lifestream in a way, and it contributed a lot to where I am now and where I’d like to be in the future. So blogging may be mainstream now (facebook is one giant blogging platform with 350 million users, no?), but we, bloggers, will always remain ‘early adopters’.

There are some people I would like to thank, and I’ll start with you – my readers, for staying loyal, commenting, creating a discussion, sharing and spreading my content. I’d also like to thank my followers, for responding quickly to my tweets with solid feedback, making the task of blogging much more fun. And last, to Sharon Gefen, WordPress guru, that helped me bring life to this site, in 30 guided minutes instead of 4 lonely hours, sometime between midnight and 3am – thank you, you’re the best!!

If you have something to say, shout back in the comment.

Local warming in the blogging community

Very funny and relevant video, from Israeli Hi-Tech ‘Godfather’ Yossi Vardi, on ‘local warming’, courtesy of Although the audience is laughing throughout the 6min lecture, this topic is very serious – if you’re a male blogger, watch carefully and act accordingly. If you’re a female, relax, sit back and enjoy..

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