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First post from my iPad

OK, this is very-very nice!

I know it’s been almost 2 months since my last post here, and you’ve been the most loyal readers – so thanks again for staying!!

Got back from a two and a half week long vacation in NYC and NH with my wife, which was absolutely great! I’ll write a more detailed post of what we did, where we stayed, which apps and services we used before, during and after our vacation, but it was truly a fun vacation. We were also in NYC ‘in time’ for Hurricane Irene, which will make a nice bedtime story to tell our grandchildren, one day in the future.


So, iPad. Yes, got one eventually, although as my wife reminded me shortly before swiping my card – ‘didn’t you call it a bigger iPhone only without cellular capabilities when it was launched last year’? Yes, I did. And hopefully in 90 days time, or maybe 20, I’ll sit down to write that ‘first 30 days with the iPad’ post, like Dan Frommer recently wrote (and I read on Flipboard for iPad two nights ago).


Anyhow, first post from the iPad, more to come.

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