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TEDx Tel Aviv – Monday, April 26 2010

TED requires no introduction. Technology, Entertainment, Design has been synonymous with THE EVENT, to which everyone wants to attend. At $2,000 per ticket it’s out of reach for most, and the waiting list is long. Very long.

TEDx Tel Aviv

TEDx Tel Aviv

TEDx Tel Aviv is an independently organized TED event, and tomorrow (Monday, April 26th) it’s coming to Tel Aviv, Israel, for the very first time. Over 1,200 people (including myself) submitted the registration form to the event, 300 (excluding myself) will attend TEDx Tel Aviv in person tomorrow.

For the thousands who want to watch the lectures there will be several Simulcast locations across the country, most of them in universities and businesses. Full list is available here. All lectures will be available at TEDx website following the event. You can also follow Lior Zoref and Yosi Taguri of Shidurey (Hebrew), who’ll be filming a clip at the event, as well as TEDxTelAviv themselves.

Clay Shirky: How twitter can make history

Clay Shirky is a known voice in the internet space, a Professor at NYU teaching ‘Social Weather’ at the Interactive Telecommunications Program. He’s also an excellent speaker and a frequent visitor at

His latest lecture is worth watching twice, to fully understand the message. Clay goes over recent revolutions in the telco industry that enable all of us to collaborate and share. And according to him, twitter is already changing the world (iranelection, obamacampaign, china). I really liked what he said about conversation and groups (mid-way into the lecture):

Unlike past telco inventions (print, tv and radio), the internet (and twitter) is the first communication tool that enables us to make conversation and create groups – at the same time.

Enough of me, just watch the lecture (17:03):

Local warming in the blogging community

Very funny and relevant video, from Israeli Hi-Tech ‘Godfather’ Yossi Vardi, on ‘local warming’, courtesy of Although the audience is laughing throughout the 6min lecture, this topic is very serious – if you’re a male blogger, watch carefully and act accordingly. If you’re a female, relax, sit back and enjoy..

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