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20 days into 2011.

20 days without a post.

20 days of working at Onavo.

Onavo team - missing: Eran Friedman

Onavo team - missing: Eran Friedman

We’re doing brilliant things here, around data compression – very relevant to business travelers, and travelers in general. In a sentence: Onavo is about saving you money when you’re doing data roaming with your iPhone (Android coming soon) abroad.

We’re currently in closed alpha, but accepting new beta testers. If you want to join, email your name and mobile carrier to: info at

Stay tuned.

Wanna join Intlock’s Partners Program?

Sharepoint is all about collaboration and at Intlock we preach for the exact same thing. Our solution, CardioLog, is the leading usage reporting solution in the market, thanks to these three factors:

  • CardioLog is aware of your portal structure;
  • CardioLog is an open platform solution;
  • CardioLog is familiar with your Sharepoint users

Doing business in a flat world has truly transformed the way businesses interact and work with one another, not to mention the endless possibilities for the customer – it has a global reach, to any vendor, anywhere in the world, in a click of a button.

Intlock Partners Program provides just that – the opportunity to do business, together, worldwide. Our program enables complementary solution providers, integrators and distributors to have all business, marketing, and technological resources for offering best-of-breed portal control and monitoring to their solution offerings. Our current partners are already reaping the benefits either as VAR (value-added resellers) or Technology Partners.

If you’d like to hear more about Intlock Partners Program and understand how we can enjoy a win-win joint venture, drop me a line at dvir.reznik at intlock dot com.

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What the F**K is Social Media. 1 Year Later.

Mornings are an excellent time to read, write and share. Shortly after the morning coffee and toast I head over to my GReader and start browsing the feeds, in a pre-defined order.
Ahuvah Berger recently joined the Blonde 2.0 team, which means we get to enjoy her super writing skills at least once a week (hopefully more dear.. ;-). After her last week’s post on Engaging the Masses comes this post, continuing where she left off, and linking to a wonderful deck at slideshare by Marta Kagan, What the F**K is Social Media. One Year After. In a long (83p) yet light presentation Marta goes over the basics of SM, adding some cool pictures and stats to back her points and strengthening her bottomline (p 53):

Slide 44 onwards highlights some business insights that are relevant to any company, like ‘93% of social media users believe a company should have a presence in social media’ and ‘85% of social media users believe that a company should go further than just having a presence and actually interact with its customers’. Innovative approaches, I know..

The entire deck is hilarious (although the language might not appeal to everyone) and the 83 slides are going fast, but all convey an important message, and I only hope that a fraction of the 128,000 views this deck received were made by corporations and business executives and not just by us marketers – we’re already advocating this F**King thing too.. 😉
[RSS subcribers: Please read this post at my blog to view the embed deck]

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What about Brilliant Jerks?

Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

Going through Netflix’s latest ‘Culture‘ presentation I came across that line (slide 34), under High Performance, one of the seven aspects at Netflix. The 128 pages presentation is A MUST for any company’s C-Level and HR, and it details what matters at Netflix, paying special attention to workforce efficiency. It also deals quite bluntly with stuff other companies keep inside, like layoffs and employee retention (slide 27):

We’re a team, not a family. We’re like a pro sports team, not a kid’s recreational team. Coaches’ job at every level at Netflix (is) to hire, develop and cut smartly, so we have stars at every position.

Clear out 30min of you day and learn this presentation. You won’t regret it.


View more presentations from reed2001.

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Being effective AND measuring your success

Run into this survey at in one of my Google Alerts the other day. With all the plethora of information sources, I find it more difficult to focus on topics and trends that interest me, as well as joining in on conversations, so it’s good to know GAlerts still has some benefits.. 😉

The survey in hand was conducted between some 1,800 social media marketers in the US, asking them about the effectiveness of their practices – meaning which tactics they used, how effective those tactics were and how accurately can they measure such tactics. The results are not that surprising, but I would like to focus on next steps – how can we make those practices more effective and measured more accurately.

The first issue we’re seeing is the negative correlation between a tactic’s effectiveness vs. our ability to measure it accurately (graph below). The 3 most effective tactics are User reviews or ratings (47%), Blogger or online journalist relations (46%) and Forums or discussion groups (42%). When looking at the ‘Very accurately measured’ column, those tactics are ranked 3rd, 4th and 5th, respectively. With the expansion of broadband and the coming of web 2.0, everyone is a publisher, and thus consumers are more suspicious and don’t believe everything they read online. In the US the FTC are targeting bloggers’ freebies (PDF guidelines), and in the meantime there are some un-official guidelines on how to disclose and authenticate a sponsored conversation. In Israel on the other hand, things are moving slower (article in Hebrew).

The second issue pertains to hooking financial success with social marketing (graph below). It’s pretty obvious that social marketing is most effective for Brand reputation (39%), Brand awareness (37%) and Search engine results (38%). I’d like to point your attention to the Sales aspects of social marketing, Generate leads and Increase online sales. The marketers who were surveyed said that social marketing is not effective at Generating leads (35%) and Increasing online sales (46%). For social marketing to become bigger and better, we have to add revenues to the game, and being able to measure it. Dell are already showing the added value of their social activity on twitter, a new study finds correlation between social media and financial success and George Colony urges CEO to understand that social marketing is here to stay.

If we want social marketing to rock, Sales indicators must be inherent to any social campaign. It’s OK to start small, but start somewhere. Move the conversation from brand (only) to revenues as well. And one last request – be honest to your readers.

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