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Sneak peak: CardioLog 2010 for SharePoint

With hundreds of customers around the world, CardioLog has become one of the leading usage reporting solutions for SharePoint. In the very near future we’ll introduce CardioLog 2010, for our 3 subscription editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. CardioLog 2010 Lite will be introduced shortly after.

CardioLog 2010 will include some UI changes, introduce new reports, planned integration with SharePoint 2010 and (as with any software) hotfixes for known issues. Most of the additions we included in the reports and UI came from our customers, and we thank you for helping us make CardioLog better.

CardioLog 2010 for SharePoint - Real-time Center

CardioLog 2010 for SharePoint - Real-time Center

The screenshots are not final, but you can see some of the UI changes, compared to the current edition:

  • All actions are performed from a topnav instead of ‘right-click’
  • Reports can be exported to PDF (on top of the existing Excel and Webpart)
  • Moved the ‘Favorites’ view alongside the ‘Object Explorer’ as a tab, for easier access to your sites
  • Each widget has ‘Report Actions’ button, for further customization (based on Permissions of course)
  • Improved color scheme
CardioLog 2010 for SharePoint - Report Center

CardioLog 2010 for SharePoint - Report Center

With the announcement of SharePoint 2010 just around the corner, we are already testing CardioLog with the Beta version of SP2010, and we’ll share more information along the way. As with any upgrade, it’s always recommended to do some ‘house cleaning’, see what pages can be archived or were not accessed for a long time. With CardioLog you can build a ‘house cleaning’ report, and generate it periodically, to get an understanding of what’s going on:

CardioLog for SharePoint - House Cleaning: what pages/sites received no hits

CardioLog for SharePoint - House Cleaning: what pages/sites received no hits

Under the ‘Report Center’, right-click and pick ‘Add report’. From the wizard choose ‘Blank report’, and then name your report and decide on a layout. Once the report dashboard is created, you need to add the Page Views reports, in a Table layout (see above screenshot). Click on Preferences and in the left pane, under Advanced, change the value of ‘Minimum result count’ to ‘0’ (zero) and order by ‘Descending’.  Finally, make sure you exclude your editors from the ‘Page Views’: expand Filter and under Users and Groups exclude the content editors group from the count (see below screenshot). That’s it.

CardioLog for SharePoint - House Cleaning: Step 2

CardioLog for SharePoint - House Cleaning: change minimum value to '0'

Quick update

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, and not due to lack of material, believe me.
I’ve been extremely busy at work (it’s year-end, you know), trying to juggle several things at the same time, prioritizing, learning SP, not to mention the army reserve tour that ‘landed’ on me this month.

Intlock is doing very well, thank you for asking. I’m amazed at the number of requests we receive daily, to either download and install our free edition or demo and trial one of our licensed based editions. We closed couple of major opportunities this month and I’ll write about those soon.

[Sigalit Hassid (left) and Elan Sasson (right) give a Microsoft XBox 360 Pro to Greg Carder, winner of The CardioLog Contest]
The SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas last month was awesome – our team literally fell of their feet, after 3 busy days at the Exhibition Hall. Hundreds of customers, business partners, analysts and bloggers visited our booth, and some took home very cool prizes!! Speaking of conferences, I’m working on our 1H 2010 marketing plans, and looking for SharePoint conferences that focus on ECM, KM, WCM, Usage reports and Analytics. The 2 events I know of in 1Q are Microsoft SharePoint Connections 2010 in Amsterdam (January 18-19) and The SharePoint Technology Conference in San Francisco (February 10-12). If you know of any other event worth exhibiting, speaking or just attending – drop me a line.
[Sigalit Hassid showcasing CardioLog to Owen Allen, SharePoint ISV PM, Microsoft]

SharePoint Conference 2009 Started – CardioLog Booth Pics

I’m positive our team at the SharePoint Conference is having a blast, along with 7,000+ people who stormed Las Vegas these past 2 days. Steve Ballmer gave his keynote speech earlier today, to kick-start the conference. If you’re not attending spc09, like me, there are couple of ways to track the action, twitter is my favorite of course. Just head here to see what people are talking about, picturing and streaming.

Pictures from the conference will be uploaded to this facebook album, so if you’re visiting our booth, #1028, be sure you’re captured !! CardioLog Contest will start tomorrow, Tuesday – if you’d like a chance to win an XBOX 360 PRO – come say ‘Hi’.

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Win a Microsoft XBOX 360 Game Console!

This is the surprise I couldn’t discuss earlier – we had some fine-tuning to do..
Microsoft Sharepoint Conference 2009 will kick off in 12 days at Las Vegas and Intlock will be right there, at booth #1028, to show you the leading solution for usage reporting over Sharepoint.

But wait, now there’s another reason to come visit us: CardioLog Contest!!
The contest will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, and all you need to do to participate is fill a short form with your contact details, slip it to the box at our booth (#1028) for a chance to WIN XBOX 360 PRO! We also have Rock Band Beatles, HALO 3, Dirt 2 and others – so make Intlock’s booth part of your daily schedule. As with any contest, please note the T&Cs while you submit your form.

All those planning to attend, I recommend reading Joel’s post – 10 Steps to Prepare for Sharepoint Conference #SPC09. Some solid tips, for SPC09 and any other conference/tweetup/event you’re attending.

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Wanna join Intlock’s Partners Program?

Sharepoint is all about collaboration and at Intlock we preach for the exact same thing. Our solution, CardioLog, is the leading usage reporting solution in the market, thanks to these three factors:

  • CardioLog is aware of your portal structure;
  • CardioLog is an open platform solution;
  • CardioLog is familiar with your Sharepoint users

Doing business in a flat world has truly transformed the way businesses interact and work with one another, not to mention the endless possibilities for the customer – it has a global reach, to any vendor, anywhere in the world, in a click of a button.

Intlock Partners Program provides just that – the opportunity to do business, together, worldwide. Our program enables complementary solution providers, integrators and distributors to have all business, marketing, and technological resources for offering best-of-breed portal control and monitoring to their solution offerings. Our current partners are already reaping the benefits either as VAR (value-added resellers) or Technology Partners.

If you’d like to hear more about Intlock Partners Program and understand how we can enjoy a win-win joint venture, drop me a line at dvir.reznik at intlock dot com.

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