Sneak peak: CardioLog 2010 for SharePoint

With hundreds of customers around the world, CardioLog has become one of the leading usage reporting solutions for SharePoint. In the very near future we’ll introduce CardioLog 2010, for our 3 subscription editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. CardioLog 2010 Lite will be introduced shortly after.

CardioLog 2010 will include some UI changes, introduce new reports, planned integration with SharePoint 2010 and (as with any software) hotfixes for known issues. Most of the additions we included in the reports and UI came from our customers, and we thank you for helping us make CardioLog better.

CardioLog 2010 for SharePoint - Real-time Center

CardioLog 2010 for SharePoint - Real-time Center

The screenshots are not final, but you can see some of the UI changes, compared to the current edition:

  • All actions are performed from a topnav instead of ‘right-click’
  • Reports can be exported to PDF (on top of the existing Excel and Webpart)
  • Moved the ‘Favorites’ view alongside the ‘Object Explorer’ as a tab, for easier access to your sites
  • Each widget has ‘Report Actions’ button, for further customization (based on Permissions of course)
  • Improved color scheme
CardioLog 2010 for SharePoint - Report Center

CardioLog 2010 for SharePoint - Report Center

With the announcement of SharePoint 2010 just around the corner, we are already testing CardioLog with the Beta version of SP2010, and we’ll share more information along the way. As with any upgrade, it’s always recommended to do some ‘house cleaning’, see what pages can be archived or were not accessed for a long time. With CardioLog you can build a ‘house cleaning’ report, and generate it periodically, to get an understanding of what’s going on:

CardioLog for SharePoint - House Cleaning: what pages/sites received no hits

CardioLog for SharePoint - House Cleaning: what pages/sites received no hits

Under the ‘Report Center’, right-click and pick ‘Add report’. From the wizard choose ‘Blank report’, and then name your report and decide on a layout. Once the report dashboard is created, you need to add the Page Views reports, in a Table layout (see above screenshot). Click on Preferences and in the left pane, under Advanced, change the value of ‘Minimum result count’ to ‘0’ (zero) and order by ‘Descending’.  Finally, make sure you exclude your editors from the ‘Page Views’: expand Filter and under Users and Groups exclude the content editors group from the count (see below screenshot). That’s it.

CardioLog for SharePoint - House Cleaning: Step 2

CardioLog for SharePoint - House Cleaning: change minimum value to '0'

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