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Introduction to Web Analytics and AdWords

Last week I gave a guest lecture to the students of Digital Marketing and Social Media course, at which I serve as assistant lecturer (to Lior Zoref).

It is the first time the course is being offered at The College of Management, and the topics cover most aspects of the discipline, including social networks, micro-blogging and blogging, online advertising, web analytics, location based, video and more. Our goal is to provide the students (all of whom working in marketing departments and ad agencies) with the understanding of what tools and platforms are available, and what is the best way to leverage them.

My lecture focused on the fundamentals of web analytics and Google AdWords platforms. The presentation I used is embedded below and can be downloaded from my slideshare page (recommended – have embedded videos and animation). Replay of the lecture (in Hebrew) can be viewed on Lior Zoref’s uStream. Comments are welcome.

Gartner: web analytics usage will grow in 2010

Gartner logoGartner released last month the results of its EXP (Gartner Executive Program) survey, covering responses from 1,586 CIOs representing more than $126 billion in corporate and public-sector IT spending across 41 countries and 27 industries.

Two ‘Top Ten‘ lists emerged from that survey, outlining Technology and Business Priorities for 2010, and the #3 Business Priority is Increasing the use of (web) analytics. Web analytics are an important tool for any organization, and can help identify and maintain a competitive advantage and optimize the customer’s online experience. From Gartner:

CIOs see 2010 as an opportunity to accelerate IT’s transition from a support function to strategic contributor focused on innovation and competitive advantage’.


Gartner EXP’s CIO survey findings show that, in the near term, business expectations and CIO strategies appear stable, with a continued focus on business process improvement, cost reduction and analytics.

The Top 10 Business Priorities for 2010, according to Gartner:

  1. Improving business processes
  2. Cutting costs
  3. Increasing the use of analytics
  4. Improving enterprise effectiveness
  5. Attracting new customers
  6. Managing change initiatives
  7. Innovation in products and services creation
  8. More effective targeting
  9. Consolidating business operations
  10. Growing customer relationships

Shortly after the release of the research, opened a poll (closed now) asking ‘How useful is your web analytics data‘. They wanted to know, before anything else, what companies who use analytics are doing with the data they have: Only 31% indicated that the data drives a lot of their decisions, while 27% indicated that they don’t feel the data is being used well at all. Having an analytics solution is only the beginning.

Key challenges in web analytics

In July 2009 Bill Gassman from Gartner released a report entitled Key Challenges in Web Analytics. In the report, Bill outlines key findings and recommendations every company should adopt, when facing a strategic web analytics initiative. According to Bill, web analytics is more than selecting the right solution (free/commercial, on-premise/SaaS) but also hiring and empowering a web analyst that can use the tool (and the authority given by the initiative) and make informed decisions, based on the analytics data.

The key findings:

  • The potential for measurable improvement varies with the purpose of the site. Investments in analytics should match the potential for gain.
  • Free product offerings are tempting, and a good learning tool, but strategic initiatives with an opportunity for large gains in site yield should choose commercial products.
  • Web analysts are hard to find and retain, yet are a critical element in a successful initiative and must be supported by business management.


  • When calculating the return on investment (ROI) for a Web analytics initiative, treat it as an attributing factor within a customer-centric Web strategy. Without Web analytics, yield gain will be suboptimal, but other parts of the process, such as content management, campaigns and site design, also contribute to the gain.
  • Narrow a shortlist of Web analytics vendor choices to those that answer the big question, which is software as a service (SaaS) or on premises, then concentrate on price, support and “ecosystem” partners.
  • Give the role of Web analyst authority and responsibility, then find someone that can use it.

The report is available for download [PDF] at (no registration required).

Gartner EXP Worldwide survey – Business and Technology Priorities for 2010
CMSwire poll – how useful is your web analytics data
Gartner – key challenges in web analytics 2009

Win a Microsoft XBOX 360 Game Console!

This is the surprise I couldn’t discuss earlier – we had some fine-tuning to do..
Microsoft Sharepoint Conference 2009 will kick off in 12 days at Las Vegas and Intlock will be right there, at booth #1028, to show you the leading solution for usage reporting over Sharepoint.

But wait, now there’s another reason to come visit us: CardioLog Contest!!
The contest will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, and all you need to do to participate is fill a short form with your contact details, slip it to the box at our booth (#1028) for a chance to WIN XBOX 360 PRO! We also have Rock Band Beatles, HALO 3, Dirt 2 and others – so make Intlock’s booth part of your daily schedule. As with any contest, please note the T&Cs while you submit your form.

All those planning to attend, I recommend reading Joel’s post – 10 Steps to Prepare for Sharepoint Conference #SPC09. Some solid tips, for SPC09 and any other conference/tweetup/event you’re attending.

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Wanna join Intlock’s Partners Program?

Sharepoint is all about collaboration and at Intlock we preach for the exact same thing. Our solution, CardioLog, is the leading usage reporting solution in the market, thanks to these three factors:

  • CardioLog is aware of your portal structure;
  • CardioLog is an open platform solution;
  • CardioLog is familiar with your Sharepoint users

Doing business in a flat world has truly transformed the way businesses interact and work with one another, not to mention the endless possibilities for the customer – it has a global reach, to any vendor, anywhere in the world, in a click of a button.

Intlock Partners Program provides just that – the opportunity to do business, together, worldwide. Our program enables complementary solution providers, integrators and distributors to have all business, marketing, and technological resources for offering best-of-breed portal control and monitoring to their solution offerings. Our current partners are already reaping the benefits either as VAR (value-added resellers) or Technology Partners.

If you’d like to hear more about Intlock Partners Program and understand how we can enjoy a win-win joint venture, drop me a line at dvir.reznik at intlock dot com.

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Sharepoint Conference 2009 – Las Vegas, Oct. 19-22

Intlock will be one of the exhibitors at the Sharepoint Conference 2009, held later this month in Las Vegas.
We have some cool demos and presentations lined up for you – and a surprise that you don’t want to miss!!! I will elaborate more soon, but you definitely want to visit our booth, #1028.

Unfortunately I won’t attend the conference this year so we can’t meet in person, but there will be plenty of action nevertheless, courtesy of Elan Sasson (our CEO and my boss) and the lovely and talented Sigalit Hassid (Project Manager). Both can answer any question you may have.

We’ll be happy to meet you in person and set aside a dedicated time to discuss, hold a private demo, explore joint ventures or conduct interviews with journalists and bloggers. Fill out this short form and we’ll see you in Las Vegas.

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