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Sharepoint Conference 2009 – Las Vegas, Oct. 19-22

Intlock will be one of the exhibitors at the Sharepoint Conference 2009, held later this month in Las Vegas.
We have some cool demos and presentations lined up for you – and a surprise that you don’t want to miss!!! I will elaborate more soon, but you definitely want to visit our booth, #1028.

Unfortunately I won’t attend the conference this year so we can’t meet in person, but there will be plenty of action nevertheless, courtesy of Elan Sasson (our CEO and my boss) and the lovely and talented Sigalit Hassid (Project Manager). Both can answer any question you may have.

We’ll be happy to meet you in person and set aside a dedicated time to discuss, hold a private demo, explore joint ventures or conduct interviews with journalists and bloggers. Fill out this short form and we’ll see you in Las Vegas.

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IBM Software Forum – 8 days away…

Just over a week before IBM Software Forum kicks off, we have some 50 people registered – to the Lotus session alone! The other five sessions are filling up quite fast, so it’s best to register now.
You already know what Lotus agenda will look like, but I’m still working on my presentation, the first one of the evening. I have a rough idea what I want to talk about, but in the spirit of collaboration and sharing I thought ‘hey, why not ask the community?‘.

So, this is me, asking you, the community, who will attend IBM Software Forum next Thu., what do you want to hear? what’s interests you? Just comment below, email me dvir at or send @dvirreznik. I’ll do my best to incorporate your wishes in my presentation.

Coming up this Sunday… (updated)

Been working working hard this past month with our marketing and communications team on putting together something cool to end 2008, that would help strengthen the Lotus brand in Israel, and expose some of the great work our customers are doing with Lotus and WebSphere Portal solutions – should pop-up in the media…

I’ll have more to share with you coming Sunday Tuesday.
Sorry about the delay – holidays… 😉

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Take the Lotusphere agenda with you

Once again (for the 9th year), Genii Software came through and created the Lotusphere Agenda DB for PDA Synching and Session Planning. On top of the usual Notes DB, there’s Blackberry support and iPhone integration as well. Now you can plan which sessions, workshops and panels you’d like to attend during the 6-day conference, and plan accordingly. If you’re new to Lotusphere this is something you need to know. Veteran participants will recongzine and appreciate this tiny piece of resource.

Genii Software – Lotusphere Agenda DB
Lotusphere 2009
New to Lotusphere? Watch last year’s video (WMV, 4.8MB)

Lotus Notes in the Clouds

It’s been around for at least 36 hours now, so you’re no strangers to the news, but still:

Using a hosting service, there is no need to purchase, house or supply energy to new hardware needed to run the software. Customers of Lotus Notes messaging software can instead focus their IT resources on other strategic business projects.

The solution includes servers, storage, monitoring, networks, security and 24 x 7 support.
Did I mention it starts from $8 per user, per month?

Key benefits are:

  • Fully managed, scalable enterprise e-mail application platform hosted at an IBM data center
  • 1 GB mailbox
  • Comprehensive service-level agreements for e-mail application and infrastructure (99.5% and 99.9% availability)
  • Support for the regulatory requirements of the government and various industries
  • Anti-spam and antivirus protection to support data privacy and security
  • Backup and restore

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Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging website at

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