Amsterdam – here I come!

You wouldn’t believe how many draft posts I have here, stuff I read, encountered, experienced, and just couldn’t find the time to write. Not to mention the birthday weekend I spent with the wife in London. I hoped the Passover vacation will provide some freedom, but shortly after returning from London, our startup received awesome news – we’ve been accepted as a finalist to launch Onavo at TheNextWeb Startup Rally 2011 in Amsterdam!!

That’s the beauty of working at a startup – always on the move, always changing, always thinking ‘what if’. And TheNextWeb Conference 2011 is a major ‘what if’, which was part of my marketing plan with the possibility to literally disrupt everything we’re doing, preparing to launch our product to the world.

So, this week, Wednesday to Friday (27-29 April), I’ll be at Amsterdam with our Co-Founders, roaming the halls of TheNextWeb Conference. Onavo is presenting on stage Friday around 12:00 CET, right after Scoble keynote presentation on the main stage. To catch all the action from Amsterdam and TheNextWeb Conference, follow my Twitter feed, @dvirreznik, or the official TNW/TheNextWeb accounts. We’ve also tweaked the homepage a bit, counting to the launch – check it out.

See you in Amsterdam!

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