London? Yes, London!

I’ll be traveling to London this week for both business and pleasure, arriving on Wednesday the 6th and leaving on Monday the 11th. Wed-Thu is business oriented, with meetings and events, and the weekend is pleasure of course – celebrating my birthday (April 9th)!

The entire trip is pretty packed, but I’ll be happy to meet and chat with anyone, if time permits. Thursday is probably the best day for those random meetups, so shout away – either comment here or better yet on Twitter, @dvirreznik.

My last visit in London was for Nokia World 2010, a very short one (60 hours, give or take), during which I saw very little of the British capital, so this time I expect to do more tourist stuff. Would love to hear your recommendations: good restaurants, theater and musicals, tourist attractions, music performances, what ever comes to mind. Again, comment here of reach out on Twitter.

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