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Separation of knowledge

When I joined twitter over a year ago it was with a clear objective: ability to update my facebook status much more easily.

That was then. Now is now.

As of this weekend, I’ve disabled the twitter application in facebook. A very smart lady told me once she’s keeping twitter and facebook separate, and I didn’t understand a) why and b) how. After a year on twitter and 2 years on facebook, with some 740 followers and 840 friends, respectively, I have the answers to both questions.

Twitter is not facebook. Facebook is a social site, for making friends, groups, events, photos, apps, pokes, etc, whilst twitter is a micro-blogging service with quicker communication. People often see twitter as a human-GPS-locater, but the truth is far from it. Yes, some do use twitter for geo-location, some are even doing it in a smart way. I use twitter to interact with interesting people and read/see/share pages I didn’t know before. More than updating your status, twitter is about conversation, and keeping the wheel spinning. To that extent, Topify does an excellent work by analyzing a person’s ‘twitter credibility’, making it easier for me to decide ‘follow or not follow’.

Separation of knowledge. Not all the stuff I write on twitter are ‘facebook-material’. Sometimes I want to keep a facebook status but still update twitter. In order to do so, I’ll be using 2 main applications – twibble and tweetdeck. The first is for my Nokia N95 and the second is for the laptop. Both apps are sporting new versions, and Tweetdeck also gives you the option to update facebook (default is no).

So, long story short:
If you want to stay current of everything I do, start following me. I’m still gonna update facebook using tweetdeck but the frequency will probably decrease a bit.

1st Snowboarding of the season.. and the outcome of my presentation

It has been an interesting 2 weeks for me, and today they are over. I’m doing my MBA at Bar Ilan University, and during the past 2 weeks I had 4 exams, which means I had to take some time off from work..

Well, my last exam was yesterday (Wed), and today I decided to make a long weekend, and drove up north with couple of friends to the Hermon Mt., the only ‘Ski Resort’ we have in Israel. We had some true winter this past month in Israel, and the snow piled up to over 1 meter, which is about 3.2 feet – and that’s a lot! for Israel..

It was excellent!! Beautiful weather, excellent snowboarding conditions, good company – we even brought short-wave radio, so we can talk to each other on the slopes.. The only problem was that we were not alone – the site was PACKED with people, skiing/snowboarding (and visitors), and when there are a lot of people, the resort turns into an unpleasant place. It’s just not equipped to handle massive amount of people, and at some point we had to wait 30min for the chair-lift, and an additional 20min on it (very-very slow).
So overall it was a good first day for snowboarding, but we didn’t snowboard as much as we hoped..

So, after 3 days off work, and an additional 2 days (weekend), I’m heading back to work on Sunday (as you might recall, Israel working week is Sun-Thu). And on that subject, I owe you a follow-up post, regarding my presentation this Sun.
I gave a presentation earlier this week to my department at work about web 2.0 tactics, and its business implications. After reading some of my linked bloggers, I decided to use some of their rules, which I described in an earlier post.
Re Web 2.0, Todd Watson posted on his blog this video, web 2.0 explained. After watching it, twice, I think I could save a lot of time working on my presentation, and just show that video..

It was a blast! I must take my hat (or fingers) off to Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and Presentation Zen for their ideas on how to deliver a winning presentation. Although I think they aimed more at VC presentations, giving an elevator pitch, or a business plan to investors, but their tips also apply to every-day presentations.

The first slide, ‘title’, was the comic shown to the left.
A big thank you (and link of course) goes to bLaugh – the (un)official comic of the blogosphere, for their inspiring comics, which I used in my slides.

Oh, one last thing – Technorati has started tracking my blog.. after I signed in, and gave it a trace order.. Another milestone achieved.

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