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Where can I buy Old Spice?

I’ll start with the bottomline of this post (aka The Title): Where can I buy Old Spice?

The Man Your Man Could Smell LikeIn a marketing space, driven by numbers, ROI and sales graphs, I imagine the Old Spice (twitter/facebook/youtube) finance people will be interested to know they’ve gained at least 1 new customer. Me. It doesn’t matter how it smells, will I like it or not, who uses it, how much it costs – really, I just want one, to be like Isaiah Mustafa (aka Old Spice guy/dude/man). So, where can I get Old Spice in Israel? Don’t know, will find out. A friend visiting Israel already said he’ll bring me his – thanks Dovid!

Plenty of words have been written about Old Spice campaign, as the 2nd phase broke previous records and defined new rules for brands’ engagement in social media (aka digital marketing). I will link to three posts by marketing professionals I trust – Lior Zoref (Digital Marketing Consultant, ex VP Marketing for Microsoft Israel; post in Hebrew), Lisa Barone (Chief Branding Officer at Outspoken Media), and Hillel Fuld (Tech blogger, marketer, twitterer, writer). All three, specifically Lisa and Hillel, have analyzed Old Spice campaign, and produced a must-read list for marketers.

The tweet that started it all

The tweet that started it all

And BTW – don’t forget to create a personalized voicemail and download the screensaver, wallpaper or ringtone. It is truly, as I wrote in a comment to Lisa Barone’s post, a campaign that will be taught in business schools for years to come. Enough talk, let’s watch some videos. More (about 120 of them) are available on Old Spice Youtube channel.

Looking forward to the Globes event on Monday, hear what influence this campaign will have on the lectures and the theme of the event.

UPDATE: How the Old Spice videos are being made (ReadWriteWeb)

Original video – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Old Spice 2nd Phase – Questions

Re: @jsbeals | Old Spice – Marriage Proposal

Re: Gay Kawasaki | Old Spice

Re: @Orli | Old Spice

Re: GQ | Old Spice

Re: @GizModo | Old Spice

Re: @TheEllenShow | Old Spice

Re: Lisa Barone | Old Spice – $$$

Re: @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) | Old Spice

Re: 12755JDH | Old Spice – probably a robot

Re: Everyone | Old Spice – The End

Conan O’Brien visits Google

Conan O’Brien has some free time, so he is doing a tour across 30 US cities, before his new TBS show kicks-off coming November. Last week he stopped by at Google, part of At Google Talks series.

We Are the World – 1985, 2010, YouTube

We Are the World is THE charity single, recorded originally in 1985 by SuperGroup USA for Africa, to lyrics by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. After the Haiti earthquake, Jamie Foxx gathered a distinguished group of 80 artists to re-record We Are the World 25 for Haiti, in just 14 hours. The version was released and debuted on February 12, 2010 at the Opening Ceremony of 2010 Winter Olympics.

Being the connected world we are, another version recently surfaced the web, We Are the World 25 for Haiti – YouTube version, featuring 57 YouTube singers (expand the ‘more info‘). It took 72 days to edit the video and 48 hours to edit the vocals, but the result is very impressive – and for a good cause. So, here it is, We Are the World, 1985, 2010, YouTube.

We Are the World – 1985

We Are the World 25 for Haiti

We Are the World 25 for Haiti – YouTube version

‘Where’s Dexter?’ – Summing up a year of interactive videos

Browsing my weekend list of RSS sources, I came across this video from SHO, inviting viewers to ‘find Dexter’ in the crowd. The 4 levels series is just one of many interactive videos created this past year, since YouTube introducedAnnotations‘ into its service.

Annotations was ‘born’ as an experiment in June 2008, to enable the user to add text and links directly onto the video. The links must point to other YouTube videos and the first annotation will work in embed, but will open a new browser for the next episode. Annotation Man provides a good tutorial on how to use annotations.

Where’s Dexter? is one example of how annotations can be used to attract viewers, for entertainment purposes. But the London Metropolitan Police created a more educational series – ‘Choose a different ending‘, in which the viewer is following the life of a teenager, trying to survive the slums of London. Each video is 30sec long, and at the end of it the viewer has to choose what will the teenager do – ‘take the knife’ or ‘leave the knife at home’ is only the first step. The series is designed to help the real teenagers of London cope with some tough decisions, growing up in a violent environment.

From advertising, games, entertainment, and education – annotations proved to be a powerful tool in the hands of video producers across the world. Some even used annotations as their ad agency website.
I wonder what will happen once YouTube will allow annotations to have out-bounding links...

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