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MSN Israel – you’ve pissed me off. F$&K YOU!

If the World Wide Web had its Bible and Tablets of Stone, Net Neutrality would be the 1st commandment.

Back in 2009 we all witnessed the Iranian Elections, and the riots following corruption suspicions,  up close and viral via the internet, in what has set twitter as the ‘official’ medium of movements, and was undoubtedly the micro-blogging service biggest moment. Today, we look at twitter for news and updates from a closer country, Egypt, and its government futile efforts at blocking twitter, flickr, youtube and others, to keep the world in the dark.

Google search for eonline

Google search for eonline

And now, to the title of this post, and why MSN Israel are reminding me the dark regimes of Iran and Egypt. Last week, late night, I pointed my browser to the global E! Online website (, as I do from time to time (like to read their TV and Movies analysis). To my surprise, I was redirected to the Israeli website (, a new partnership (Hebrew link) between and the Israeli branch of E! Online. Websites operating globally use your IP address to direct you to the local website, if applicable. Google are doing it, CNN are doing it, even Microsoft are doing it. But all of them, all, give you an option to revert to the global site. All, expect for MSN Israel. No. MSN Israel have decided to block Israeli users access to the global site and are re-directing ALL traffic to their newly launched, local website.

I don’t know where MSN Israel think they are and which mid-level marketing manager approved this (it won’t help the online division), but they have re-directed the wrong blogger. Who made MSN Israel God of the internet?

MSN Israel – fuck you. You’ve pissed me off.

Update 8 Feb

E! is back – Ryan, Giuliana, I missed you guys 🙂

Update 2 Feb

  • Ynet just run the story (Hebrew) – Thanks Ido!
  • Still no word from E! Online, E! Online Israel, or on when the redirect will be solved.

Update 30 January

I was contacted by E! Online Israel Channel Manager. According to her:

  • MSN Israel are not involved in the redirect;
  • E! Online are the cause, as they, allegedly, blocked access to from Israel (is that true?)
  • They (E! Online Israel) are working to solve the blockage.

I hate to end a post in a negative tune, plus it’s my first F word in over 4 years of blogging, so join me – let it all out on MSN Israel with Cee Lo Green:

Learning Sharepoint and Web Analytics

3 days into my new job at IntLock and I have lots of items in my To-Do list, the most important ones are a) learning how Sharepoint is built (from an architecture point of view, web-parts and all) and b) terms and definitions relating to web analytics. Getting to know IntLock and CardioLog goes without saying…

IntLock was founded is 2005 and operates in the web analytics scene. Our solution (video), CardioLog, is considered one of the leading Sharepoint Usage Reporting solutions. CardioLog integrates with the portal structure (tree) and ‘knows’ its content and metadata as well – thus enabling us to present an accurate snapshot of your website: customer site (B2C), partner/agents site (B2B) and employee portal (intranet). CardioLog can also pull data from your AD (active directory) to provide a deeper understanding of how your users (and groups) access the site.

CardioLog comes in 3 flavors: Lite (free), Professional and Enterprise. The main differences are outlined in the table below, along with cost of course. The main diffrentiators are what reports come out-of-the-box, the # of page views per month supported and # of years saved for hostory data. Wanna build your own reports? Get your copy of our SDK and start building. You welcome to download CardioLog Lite for free right now, and start making sense (and $$$) of your traffic. You can also download a free 30-day trial of our Enterprise Edition, with more features and reports. As always, we’re here to help.

CardioLog offers much more than the built-in Sharepoint 2007 Reporting, and is also an excellent alternative for Google Analytics. Here’s what made the difference for some of our customers:

  • Independent JavaScript agent
  • Data aggregation according to portal hierarchy (not URL-based)
  • Data filtering according to portal metadata
  • Tracking of portal-specific user activities
  • Visitor segmentation by Active Directory attributes
  • Exporting reports to SharePoint 2007 web parts
  • Built-in integration with other enterprise applications (e.g., CRM, ERP)

While you’re downloading CardioLog and analyzing traffic, I’ll get back to my reading: Web Analytics – An Hour A Day, by Avinash Kaushik for now (1 hour per day) and some Sharepoint tutorials and blogs for later. If you have any favorite blogs, tweeple or sites, comment away 🙂

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Surviving the rough economy with Lotus Software

Intranet Journal published this super article, on how Lotus Software can help you and your company reduce expenses and navigate through the rough economy. My friend Ed Brill posted about this earlier this week. John Roling outlines nine actions you can take, that will help you weather this economical crisis, including: moving to Lotus Symphony, upgrading to Lotus Domino 8.5, deploying Lotus Sametime for IM and web-meetings and others:

As we’re all painfully aware, the current economic climate is far from wonderful. Businesses are looking for ways to cut corners and reduce costs whenever possible, and many times that leads to belt-tightening in your IT departments. I want to share with you some ways that products from Lotus can help you reduce costs in some obvious, and not-so-obvious ways.

Intranet Journal – Surviving the rough economy with Lotus Software
Ed Brill
Dvir Reznik – Now’s the time to deploy IM

IBM Software Forum – 8 days away…

Just over a week before IBM Software Forum kicks off, we have some 50 people registered – to the Lotus session alone! The other five sessions are filling up quite fast, so it’s best to register now.
You already know what Lotus agenda will look like, but I’m still working on my presentation, the first one of the evening. I have a rough idea what I want to talk about, but in the spirit of collaboration and sharing I thought ‘hey, why not ask the community?‘.

So, this is me, asking you, the community, who will attend IBM Software Forum next Thu., what do you want to hear? what’s interests you? Just comment below, email me dvir at or send @dvirreznik. I’ll do my best to incorporate your wishes in my presentation.

What has changed since Lotus Notes 6.0.x

Thanks to Lotus Notes product team for putting this deck together (and Ed for sharing!) showing how the Lotus Notes client has evolved since version 6.0.x. The short deck, 17 slides, covers almost every aspect of the client, including:

  • Productivity features
  • Personalization
  • Ease of use
  • Replication and Mobility
  • Collaboration
  • email and calendaring
  • supported OS and more.

Whether you’re a Lotus Notes customer looking for the added value in upgrading to newer releases or you’re using a competitor’s platform and looking for other options – this is what Lotus Notes has to offer. It also shows IBM’s commitment to the product – which in these days, is not something to be taken lightly.

Ed Brill
Lotus Notes client on

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