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Social media adoption – the IBM story

Last week I had the pleasure of talking to a group of college students from Canada, who came to Israel with Hillel Foundation of Toronto. They visited IBM for half a day, and we had a good discussion about social media and how IBM adopted it internally. As anyone, they were looking for the ROI, so I gave them examples of how social media at IBM helps me on a daily basis.
All of them were Gen Y of course, so at the first portion of my presentation (what is web/enterprise 2.0) I just hit ‘next’ all the time.. 😉

Since most participants knew what social media is, an interesting discussion started, of why it’s important and how such tools will benefit them – in the coming months. Some of the students were already part of the social media space, either working at VCs or other organizations aimed at helping SU companies in their early stages.

It was an excellent opportunity to share some of the work IBMers are doing using social media tools, for the past 5 years now! We have lots of social media tools (see slide above), some stay as research projects while others grow up and become IBM solutions (such as our social software solution – Lotus Connections).

The presentation from last week is available at my slideshare space.
Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts!

Socially connected, all week long…

It’s been quite a week for me, which started with army reserve, followed by spending 8 hours with Jeff Schick (IBM VP, Social Software) and Arjan Radder (Social Software Sales Mgr., IBM EMEA) during their visit to Israel and ended up with more army reserve.

The 36 hours Jeff and Arjan spent in Israel were dedicated to customer meetings, analyst and media interviews and some middle-eastern food (aka Falafel and Humus ;-). The first outcome of their visit has already surfaced: Yuval Dror (aka The Globe) published a well-written article in today’s newspaper (Hebrew), on IBM’s internal collaboration tools and our commercial social software solutions. We also met with Ayelet Noff (aka blonde2.0) – a light and fun meeting that summed up Jeff’s visit in Israel. I’m sure Ayelet will post her impressions soon.

And, to finish the ‘social software week’ IBM announced yesterday the opening of a new research/development center in Cambridge, MAIBM Center for Social Software. Irene Greif, IBM Fellow and Center Director elaborated on the center’s mission: The center will provide additional resources to IBM’s global research teams and external organizations so that they can better test social software “in the wild” – within IBM’s enormous employee base or on the public web.

IBM Center for Social Software
Employer blocks facebook? Yediot Ahronot article
IBM ups investment in social software – 451 Group
Cambridge IBM facility to focus on social links – The Boston Globe

I freed myself from e-mails – Luis Suarez

My friend and colleagues Luis Suarez wrote an article for the NYTimes about his very public project: giving up on work emails. Luis is a social software evangelist and community builder with IBM Software Group, which basically means he explores new and innovative ways of collaboration. He’s also a great public speaker, if you need someone to talk about social media.
Not sure what triggered his experiment (now entering week 21), but the ripples are still visible.

The leading internet news site in Israel,, also picked up the story, translated it, added some personal commentary and link to the original article of course. Reading the Hebrew article, I realized I wasn’t the only one struggling to come up with an Hebrew word for ‘Evangelist‘. The author simply wrote evangelist, only in Hebrew.. 🙂

I Freed Myself from E-mail’s Grip –
Your inbox is a catalyst for productivity – Ed Brill

Lotus Connections 2.0 – now in Ivrit

Lotus Connections 2.0 was announced today, riding the hype around Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, with some cool new features, a brand new Lotus Connections homepage at and most important – Hebrew support.
The Hebrew version will be available for electronic download on July 11th, but you can see how the new homepage looks like (also featured on my slides from ‘I want a facebook thing. I think.‘).

There’s also a video posted on YouTube, showcasing the new features.

If you haven’t RSSed Lotus Connections Blog – now is the time.

Link: Lotus Connections 2.0 announced:

IBM Lotus Connections is social software for business. It empowers business professionals to build and call upon networks of colleagues with whom they can share information, develop and refine new creative ideas, and collaborate on activities. This can help individuals to become more innovative and execute tasks more quickly.

Lotus Connections includes the following six integrated services that can be used independently, or together to deliver more value.

New features of Lotus Connections 2.0

Profiles: Quickly find the people you need by using keyword search

* People can build a network of colleagues to help them get their job done.
* Profile data can be customized to match what is most relevant to a company.
* Social tagging can be used to associate individuals with topics improving search.

Communities: Create, find, join, and work with communities of people

* Discussion forums are now provided.
* The ability to integrate with wikis from Socialtext and Confluence is now included
* Lotus Sametime Advanced can be used to communicate with a community

Blogs: Present your ideas in a Weblog and get feedback from others

* Recommend and notify other users of a blog entry they might find useful.
* Flag content as inappropriate to alert an administrator.

Dogear: Save, organize, and share bookmarks

* Send and receive notification of interesting bookmarks.
* Use a new tool to add a bookmark to Dogear, activities and communities.

Activities: Gather the e-mails, IM chats, documents, messages, and other information that you need to accomplish a business objective

* Information within an Activity can be organized into sections.
* The content entry form for an Activity can be customized with additional fields, including dates, people, and text

A new home page: Provides you with a consolidated view of your social data across the Lotus Connections services. You are presented with a view of:

* A Profiles widget displaying your colleagues with an indication of their new entries across the services, and also a data entry field for a search of profiles
* A widget displaying bookmarks lets you customize the view to include Popular bookmarks, Watchlisted bookmarks, or Recent Bookmarks
* A Communities widget show which communities you belong to along with an indication of which ones have been recently updated
* An Activities widgets shows your todos in a calendar, responses to your posts in activities, new entries in high priority activities, and a quick view of all the activities in which a user participates or owns.
* A blogs widget shows the most recent blog entries
* The Home Page is extensible, so administrators can add in widgets from external sites or their own internal applications.

By empowering your people to easily connect to employees, partners, and customers, Lotus Connections helps you realize the following professional and business benefits:

* Tasks can be executed faster because you have quick access to information from an expanded professional network
* Decisions can be made with confidence knowing they were vetted by experts across the organization and reflect past experience.
* Innovative products and services can be created from communities of employees, partners, and customers – driving growth for your business.

IBM’s ‘Web 2.0 Goes to Work’ website

To follow up my previous post today on the same subject, IBM updated its ‘Web 2.0 Goes to Work‘ website, with recent success stories and best practices, RSS feed to Web 2.0 blog, recent news, Web 2.0 TV and more.

Here’s the link:
There’s also a twitter to follow, if you’re in to following people/stuff: @web20work

Seen first on The Connections Blog.

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