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Obama leads to change in Israel politics as well

It seems that Barack Obama‘s victory echoes all the way to our little country of Israel.
Obama’s flawless use of the web has created many copycats, most of whom mimicked the L&F of US President Elect website. Even the NY Times picked up the story, first caught by a local blogger, who mentioned it to a friend, who blogged about it – and shortly after published at ‘traditional’ news sites.

There’s even a new word for it in Hebrew – ‘likebama‘ (free translation –
‘Someone attemping to be like US President Elect Barack Obama, to enjoy Obama’s popularity’.

Links (most in Hebrew):
Ido Kenan (blogged about it)- Netanyahu and Obama website
Ido Kenan – More copy-paste stories
Ido Kenan – Some more stories
Gal Chen – the local blogger
TheMarker IT – from an Israeli blogger to NYTimes
Ynet – Does Netanyahu’s website mimcks Obama’s? – Yes he can! Netanyahu launches new website (requires sign-in) – Israeli candidate borrows a (web) page from Obama

I freed myself from e-mails – Luis Suarez

My friend and colleagues Luis Suarez wrote an article for the NYTimes about his very public project: giving up on work emails. Luis is a social software evangelist and community builder with IBM Software Group, which basically means he explores new and innovative ways of collaboration. He’s also a great public speaker, if you need someone to talk about social media.
Not sure what triggered his experiment (now entering week 21), but the ripples are still visible.

The leading internet news site in Israel,, also picked up the story, translated it, added some personal commentary and link to the original article of course. Reading the Hebrew article, I realized I wasn’t the only one struggling to come up with an Hebrew word for ‘Evangelist‘. The author simply wrote evangelist, only in Hebrew.. 🙂

I Freed Myself from E-mail’s Grip –
Your inbox is a catalyst for productivity – Ed Brill

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