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Twitter Group Photo at TheMarker Com.Vention

TheMarker Com.Vention was held yesterday at Avenue, attracting more than 1,500 people, all of them part of the local hi-tech and internet community. Twitter was definitely the most mentioned word during the event, with a hashtag that appeared on (#themarker09) and a dedicated panel: micro-blogging, substance or hype. My tweetdeck was filled with #themarker09, which got me thinking – why not set a group photo, of all twitterers attending the event? And so it was.. Below you can see the first group photo of some of the Israeli twitterers, along with Arjan Radder, who was a speaker at the event yesterday.
The original pictures are available at Niv’s album or his flickr.

From left to right (some people were not tagged, yet):

Israeli Hanuka Tweetup

If you’re following me you know there’s an Israeli Tweetup (Twitter + Meetup) this Wed (or Thu). Everything is outlined at the FB event, no point repeating it here in length, so just a quick summary:
One of my good friends across the pond said this dude is coming to Israel, and is very much into social media and collaboration – worth meeting with. Quick look at his credentials and I already commented on his Israel Visit post to start the discussion. I wanted to suggest we’ll meet over beer and burger, but what’s the point without the community?!

In just 36 hours, only social, no email/phone/sms, we managed to organize this tweetup, with 20 people attending and 36 maybe’s. We dubbed this meeting as Israeli tweetup, since we’ve been talking about doing something like this for some time now.

The details, which more of are available at fb:
Date & time: Wed., Dec. 24th, 20:30 (3rd candle of Hanuka)
Where: Tel Aviv. Aroma Namal at the moment, but probably will change to TLV University
Who: anyone who wants to come

See you there :-))

Photo: Alex De Carvalho’s blog
Twitter Israel: SeoVice

My Lotus Community links

With all the different technologies and platform out there, it’s difficult to keep track of what and where everything is located. Whenever I read something of interest, that’s worth keeping, I have this flow of browser buttons, like a a process (hey, I work for Big Blue, we invented processes) –, dogear, twitter, facebook.

Ed has talked about the importance of collaboration within the Lotus Community, not only because Lotus strategy = collaboration, but also because it’s in our DNA – we’re here to share and spread the knowledge.

In the spirit of spreading the word, I tried to assemble a list of Lotus resources I use frequently – being formal websites with business and technical documents or social sites as blogs and wikis. If you have any additions, use the comments sections. I will definitely expand this post as time (and contributions) progresses.

Lotus Software:
Lotus Forums and community
Lotus and WebSphere Portal wikis
Lotus videos on youtube
IBM Collaboration solutions
Notes/Domino Infocenter
WebSphere Portal Infocenter
Lotus Quickr Infocenter
Lotus Connections Infocenter
Lotus Forms Infocenter
Lotus RedBooks and RedPapers
Lotus Webcasts
Products documentation
WebSphere Portal Zone – developerWorks

Comic courtesy of Geek and Poke

Twhirl problem – call to the community

Ever since I joined twitter some 8 months ago I’ve been using two tools for updating and checking what’s up: twhirl (desktop) and twibble (Symbian). For the past 2 weeks or so my twhirl client is eager to update to the newer version, 0.8.6, but there’s a problem:

Since then I’ve been trying several things, with help from the community (thanks @naor!), but no success so far. In some stroke of genius I decided to unistall twhirl, thinking this would solve the problem. Again, I was wrong, can’t re-install it, not even earlier versions.
So now, I’m twhirl-less

Tried removing Adobe Air, but it’s not under Add/Remove Programs. Also searched my desktop and found the location of Adobe Air, under Program Files. No uninstaller there as well.

Any suggestion, advice, idea will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Disconnected. By choice

I’m back!

These past 10 days at the army were an interesting experiment for me, to see how I, a very connected dude, handles in a not so connected place. Before all my Israeli friends shout out ‘WTF’, let me make it clear that the entire state of Israel is pretty much covered in cellular reception, so being disconnected was more of a choice than a reality. Not to mention the fact that my internal clock completely freaked out, being awake every night, going to bed at 7/8 am.

Still, I opted not to open twibble, Opera Mini or check my gmail (thus minimizing my GPRS consumption), and even thou I had my laptop with me, it was used mostly for syncing pictures than actual work related stuff. I guess being away on Rosh Hashana sort of helped, as most of the people I interact with were away on holiday, so my calls (you know, sending/ending calls, what most people use their cellphones for) were also minimized. I did however sent out some text messages, congratulating friends with Shana Tova.

Nevertheless, I definitely saw a case of ‘you can take the technology out of a person, but not the person out of the technology’ – as I noticed how my social mind works, and often thinking ‘I can tweet about this’, ‘picture that for facebook’, ‘would make a great blog post’, etc.

So, my bottom line is this:
I can live without the tools.
But, being connected is more than having access to the tools – it’s almost a second nature.

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