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With all the different technologies and platform out there, it’s difficult to keep track of what and where everything is located. Whenever I read something of interest, that’s worth keeping, I have this flow of browser buttons, like a a process (hey, I work for Big Blue, we invented processes) –, dogear, twitter, facebook.

Ed has talked about the importance of collaboration within the Lotus Community, not only because Lotus strategy = collaboration, but also because it’s in our DNA – we’re here to share and spread the knowledge.

In the spirit of spreading the word, I tried to assemble a list of Lotus resources I use frequently – being formal websites with business and technical documents or social sites as blogs and wikis. If you have any additions, use the comments sections. I will definitely expand this post as time (and contributions) progresses.

Lotus Software:
Lotus Forums and community
Lotus and WebSphere Portal wikis
Lotus videos on youtube
IBM Collaboration solutions
Notes/Domino Infocenter
WebSphere Portal Infocenter
Lotus Quickr Infocenter
Lotus Connections Infocenter
Lotus Forms Infocenter
Lotus RedBooks and RedPapers
Lotus Webcasts
Products documentation
WebSphere Portal Zone – developerWorks

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