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Talking about IBM Social Media with SeoVice

TheMarker Com.Vention was an excellent event for business networking, and as a result I have some 20 new twitter followers, not to mention facebook and LinkedIn invitations.

Out on the grass, before the group picture, Oren Todoros (SeoVice) caught me for a 3min video, talking about social media adoption, why should any business consider deploying such a solution and the most important question of all – where’s the ROI? Head over to SeoVice for his full post.

Twitter Group Photo at TheMarker Com.Vention

TheMarker Com.Vention was held yesterday at Avenue, attracting more than 1,500 people, all of them part of the local hi-tech and internet community. Twitter was definitely the most mentioned word during the event, with a hashtag that appeared on (#themarker09) and a dedicated panel: micro-blogging, substance or hype. My tweetdeck was filled with #themarker09, which got me thinking – why not set a group photo, of all twitterers attending the event? And so it was.. Below you can see the first group photo of some of the Israeli twitterers, along with Arjan Radder, who was a speaker at the event yesterday.
The original pictures are available at Niv’s album or his flickr.

From left to right (some people were not tagged, yet):

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