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Twhirl problem – call to the community

Ever since I joined twitter some 8 months ago I’ve been using two tools for updating and checking what’s up: twhirl (desktop) and twibble (Symbian). For the past 2 weeks or so my twhirl client is eager to update to the newer version, 0.8.6, but there’s a problem:

Since then I’ve been trying several things, with help from the community (thanks @naor!), but no success so far. In some stroke of genius I decided to unistall twhirl, thinking this would solve the problem. Again, I was wrong, can’t re-install it, not even earlier versions.
So now, I’m twhirl-less

Tried removing Adobe Air, but it’s not under Add/Remove Programs. Also searched my desktop and found the location of Adobe Air, under Program Files. No uninstaller there as well.

Any suggestion, advice, idea will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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