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Corporate Identity Management on Facebook

I read the following deck from Joshua Scribner over at Luis Suarez, and although it refers to IBMers, the general idea can be adopted to any employee considering opening a facebook profile and has some privacy concerns.

Luis and Joshua are the top 2 BlueIQ ambassadors, an internal IBM program that aims at helping IBMers understand and reap the benefits of social media – internally and externally. Before leaving IBM I was such an ambassador, preaching the social word locally and working with colleagues around the globe. Now others are following in my footsteps.

If you or your company are looking at the business benefits of social networks such as facebook, evaluating ROI/ROV of such solutions but want to be on top in terms of privacy and preserving the corporate identity, Joshua’s deck is your answer. And thanks again to Josh for sharing this publicly.

Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli – The Twitter Phenomena

Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli is a known tech figure in the Israeli landscape, a columnist in several newspapers and Director of INFOSOC – Center for the Study of Information Society at the University of Haifa. In yesterday’s Calcalist, he wrote a column titled ‘The Twitter Phenomena‘, trying to understand why the micro-blogging social media service hasn’t won us (Israelies) over. Sheizaf also refers to the different add-ons (eco-system if you’d like) twitter has helped cultivate, such as twitpic, tweetdeck, tweetfollow, twitterfeed and others.

The phone was born to allow faster communication; Wikipedia offers free access to (open-source) knowledge; commenting (talk-backs) gave people the opportunity to vent. Twitter created a new form of communication, and an eco-system of add-on services.

Sheizaf’s column came in an excellent timing, with IBM Software Forum and Luis Suarez’s post. At IBM Software Forum Niv Calderon talked about monetizing social media, focusing on twitter – with public and corporate examples, such as Ford Motors, Comcast, JetBlue and Chris Brogan – showing how you can reach 1.5m impressions (people) with a single tweet. There’s definitely money in it. Niv recorded his lecture on video, which I’m sure he’ll post soon.
Mid-week I noticed Luis’s post, ‘Using twitter in the enterprise, by Ed Yourdon‘. Luis also focused on twitter as a corporate tool, linking to other posts talking about the business value of twitter, and of course, Ed Yourdon‘s presentation.

I view twitter as a sales and marketing tool. If you happen to follow me around, I’ve been known to tweet about the stuff I sell, people I meet, posts I read, events I speak at. Being interconnected to other social networks (like facebook), updated easily from a variely of end-user devices, focused and captured audience – it’s easy to understand why this micro-blogging tool has reached 6m users. Lotus Software has strengthened its brand name in Israel, and gained some ground against the local competition because of twitter.

As for twitter in Israel, Sheizaf predicts twitter will, eventually, catch on, and Israel will quicky adopt the micro-blogging tool, much like we did with facebook not too long ago…

Sheizaf Rafaeli – The Twitter Phenomena (Hebrew)
Luis Suarez – Using twitter in the enterprise, by Ed Yourdon
IBM Software Forum
Niv Calderon
Pew Study – Twitter users are mobile, urban and engaged online

8 reasons you’ll love Lotus Notes 8

Lists are not something I believe in that much, especially in blogs, since people tend to over-exploit them at times. Still, there are occasions where I find them useful, as they help convey a message in exactly 10 sentences (or in this case 8).

Kenny Smith is a principal at Strongback Consulting, a full service IT consultancy agency specializing in Lotus, WebSphere and Rational software. Kenny posted about ‘8 reasons you’ll love Lotus Notes 8‘, and linked to one of Luis Suarez‘s presentations at slideshare.
Those are my kind of lists.. 😉

I freed myself from e-mails – Luis Suarez

My friend and colleagues Luis Suarez wrote an article for the NYTimes about his very public project: giving up on work emails. Luis is a social software evangelist and community builder with IBM Software Group, which basically means he explores new and innovative ways of collaboration. He’s also a great public speaker, if you need someone to talk about social media.
Not sure what triggered his experiment (now entering week 21), but the ripples are still visible.

The leading internet news site in Israel,, also picked up the story, translated it, added some personal commentary and link to the original article of course. Reading the Hebrew article, I realized I wasn’t the only one struggling to come up with an Hebrew word for ‘Evangelist‘. The author simply wrote evangelist, only in Hebrew.. 🙂

I Freed Myself from E-mail’s Grip –
Your inbox is a catalyst for productivity – Ed Brill IBM’s Webbie World

My colleague and fellow blogger Luis Suarez is at the heart of this article, IBM’s Webbie World. The article discusses on IBM’s social software adoption – how blogs, wikis, social bookmarking and community networks can improve business processes and even create new products or solutions.

In some ways, IBM’s employees are already out-Webbing even Web-based companies like Google and Facebook. IBM’s spokespeople claim it has 24,000 Facebook users and 155,000 LinkedIn users, giving it one of the biggest corporate representations on both sites.

Luis discusses his much conversed project, saying the next generation worker is looking for quicker communication tools:

… these (collaboration tools) are the ways young employees will communicate in just a few years. “There’s a next-generation of worker, and for them, e-mail is what they use to contact their grandparents,” Suarez says. “They want tools that are more instant and collaborative.”

Karen Wohl, of Wohl Associates discusses the benefits of enterprise social software, such as Lotus Connections:

A large corporation might choose to use Lotus Connections instead of Facebook and Blogger, for instance, because IBM’s software can be hosted within the company’s own firewall, safe from data breaches or subpoenas.

Deutsche Bank and the Federal Aviation Administration are only 2 examples of companies that adopted social software solutions from IBM. IBM’s Webbie World

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