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Lotusphere in Hebrew

Yesterday marked the 3rd day of IBM Lotusphere 2009, the annual customer conference on Lotus and WebSphere Portal solutions. Day 1 and 2 of the conference brought exciting new announcements, unvielved new solution and upgraded versions of Lotus products.

Unlike recent years where we had little exposure in Israel about Lotusphere, this year is very different. The reason – Or Yaacov, editor at The People – every day Or publishes one or two separate articles from Lotusphere, reaching a wide audience of IT professionals, and making the necessary noise in the local online media. Case in point – the title of today’s article (page 1) was ‘Exchange is not the solution to every problem and need’, a quote by Bob Picciano, Lotus GM.

So, for those looking for Hebrew articles on Lotusphere, here’s a list of articles I found. If you want to contribute, feel free to comment with the link and I’ll insert it to this post (along with the contributer of course.. ;-).

Efrat Kotler – IBM Lotusphere 2009 (TheMarker Cafe)
Ed Brill Interview – Lotus Notes for Mac and Mobile (The People)
Bob Picciano, Lotus GM Interview (The People)
Alloy, by IBM and SAP (The People)
IBM goes to the clouds and takes partners for the journey (TheMarker)
IBM announces LotusLive – Lotus portfolio in SaaS model (The People)
Lotusphere 2009 opens today (The People)

Sent from Lotus Notes 8.0.1 Hebrew Client

Started using the Hebrew client of Lotus Notes 8.0.1 this week, as a personal experiment on one hand and from a business stand-point on the other.
Even thou most organizations in Israel are using an English UI of their messaging client (Outlook or Notes), Hebrew is (and always will be) a preferred language in Israel. IBM has been investing heavily into bidi (Bi-directional) these past years – part of the ‘holy’ work my friend Dina Ben-Elissar was doing, at IBM Globalization Center in Israel.
Developing a client is Hebrew includes two major steps: First, language – Hebrew (and Arabic) are written from right to left; second, UI (user interface) – which means the client needs to be mirrored. As with any software product, there’s no 100% QA – that’s the nature of software, and some things can only be found from daily usage.

I hope my usage of Lotus Notes 8.0.1 will encourage other IBMers to follow my suit – it’s a very cool looking client !! (click here for a larger screen shot)

Dvir, you’re a star !

The past week have been pretty difficult for me walking the IBM office in Petach Tiqva. It was a true ‘marketing’ week for Lotus, appearing twice in printed magazines, and three times in online sites – that’s excellent PR work. Thanks Joseph !

First off, I’ve been ‘posted’ at every coffee-area’s wall, with the social software article (pictured here), published at Israel BusinessWeek. The article first appeared at (Stephen Baker), and was picked up quickly by the Lotus community, myself included.

Since its the first issue of BusinessWeek Israel (Magazine, no website), we wanted to publish some pictures with the article – luckily I still have some connections in marcom…

The two page article is somewhat an exact translation of the English article, but we did manage to insert two pictures: the first showing me (excellent profile shot) and my cool X60, looking at My Connections visual map, and the second picture is the map itself. Since it shows some of my 42 IBM connections, I quickly got photos responses in FB. IBMers – it’s worth ‘adding me to your network’ !!

The second Lotus publication this week was at TheMarker IT and TheMarker newspaper, the leading IT/Hi-Tech news site in Israel. We translated some of the buzz surrounding Enterprise 2.0 Conference face-off last week, positioning Lotus Connections lead in the enterprise social software space. TheMarker IT published an article based on some words I wrote down, along with our PR Mgr. – the end result is not what I hoped for, but still a good presence.

TheMarker IT: IBM and Microsoft charge the enterprise portal’s space (Hebrew)
BusinessWeek Israel: Big Blue Embraces Social Media (pictures, Hebrew) Big Blue Embraces Social Media (original article, by Stephen Baker)

IBM Stuff: I’ve opened up a photo album in FB, where you can see relevant Lotus PR, as they appear.

Lotus Connections 2.0 – now in Ivrit

Lotus Connections 2.0 was announced today, riding the hype around Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, with some cool new features, a brand new Lotus Connections homepage at and most important – Hebrew support.
The Hebrew version will be available for electronic download on July 11th, but you can see how the new homepage looks like (also featured on my slides from ‘I want a facebook thing. I think.‘).

There’s also a video posted on YouTube, showcasing the new features.

If you haven’t RSSed Lotus Connections Blog – now is the time.

Link: Lotus Connections 2.0 announced:

IBM Lotus Connections is social software for business. It empowers business professionals to build and call upon networks of colleagues with whom they can share information, develop and refine new creative ideas, and collaborate on activities. This can help individuals to become more innovative and execute tasks more quickly.

Lotus Connections includes the following six integrated services that can be used independently, or together to deliver more value.

New features of Lotus Connections 2.0

Profiles: Quickly find the people you need by using keyword search

* People can build a network of colleagues to help them get their job done.
* Profile data can be customized to match what is most relevant to a company.
* Social tagging can be used to associate individuals with topics improving search.

Communities: Create, find, join, and work with communities of people

* Discussion forums are now provided.
* The ability to integrate with wikis from Socialtext and Confluence is now included
* Lotus Sametime Advanced can be used to communicate with a community

Blogs: Present your ideas in a Weblog and get feedback from others

* Recommend and notify other users of a blog entry they might find useful.
* Flag content as inappropriate to alert an administrator.

Dogear: Save, organize, and share bookmarks

* Send and receive notification of interesting bookmarks.
* Use a new tool to add a bookmark to Dogear, activities and communities.

Activities: Gather the e-mails, IM chats, documents, messages, and other information that you need to accomplish a business objective

* Information within an Activity can be organized into sections.
* The content entry form for an Activity can be customized with additional fields, including dates, people, and text

A new home page: Provides you with a consolidated view of your social data across the Lotus Connections services. You are presented with a view of:

* A Profiles widget displaying your colleagues with an indication of their new entries across the services, and also a data entry field for a search of profiles
* A widget displaying bookmarks lets you customize the view to include Popular bookmarks, Watchlisted bookmarks, or Recent Bookmarks
* A Communities widget show which communities you belong to along with an indication of which ones have been recently updated
* An Activities widgets shows your todos in a calendar, responses to your posts in activities, new entries in high priority activities, and a quick view of all the activities in which a user participates or owns.
* A blogs widget shows the most recent blog entries
* The Home Page is extensible, so administrators can add in widgets from external sites or their own internal applications.

By empowering your people to easily connect to employees, partners, and customers, Lotus Connections helps you realize the following professional and business benefits:

* Tasks can be executed faster because you have quick access to information from an expanded professional network
* Decisions can be made with confidence knowing they were vetted by experts across the organization and reflect past experience.
* Innovative products and services can be created from communities of employees, partners, and customers – driving growth for your business.

Lotus Notes 8.0.1 available in Hebrew

Lotus Notes 8.0.1 is now available in Hebrew.
Eligible customers can download the software from Passport Advantage.

You all know the solution, but still, some of the version’s latest features includes:

  • Deployment enhancements to Lotus Domino that enable administrators to free up time and focus on other areas.
  • A new mode for Lotus Domino Web Access optimized for bandwidth. It addresses the needs of users who are traveling or are constrained with dial-up connections.
  • Linked to other components of the Lotus portfolio including integration with IBM Lotus Quickr, IBM Lotus Connections, increased support for IBM Lotus Sametime® 8.0 (includes Lotus Sametime Unyte).
  • Greater extensibility through Lotus Notes Widgets.
  • Support for Citrix Presentation Server 4.5.
  • Database compression, which significantly reduces the storage size of Domino databases.
  • Domino 64-bit native support option for Microsoft® Windows 2003 and IBM AIX® platforms. 64 bit support enables Domino to address more memory on the server than is possible in previous versions.
  • Support for FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 standards encryption for Lotus Notes e-mail.
  • New mobile access options for users of Lotus Notes and Domino 8.0.1

You can read the full announcement, Ed Brill’s post or head over to .

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