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HTML5 Infographic

With its lack of Flash support in the iPad (and iPhone), Apple has opened a new front with Adobe in web and mobile design/development ‘wars‘.

I saw this infographic at Konigi blog, definitely worth the re-post: it describes the major features enabled by HTML5 that we need to be aware of – Canvas (1), video elements (2), geolocation (3), andย offline storage (4). The graph also shows current and future support in web browsers: Chrome 5.0 is best (86%), followed by Safari 4.0 (79%) and Firefox 3.6 (77%). Those out there still using Microsoft’s browser, IE 8.0 is only at 26%. Click the image for full size (1200 x 1312).

HTML5 Inforgraphic

HTML5 Inforgraphic

Inkod-Hypera – Design and UI

During the past 10 years in IT my roles were predominantly in the end-user position – either selling or marketing of a product or a service. I was familiar with the process, just not part of it. Well, this has changed, as of June 1st.


Inkod-Hypera is a leading design company in Israel, doing some amazing (really amazing) and beautiful work in a variety of web and mobile projects. Our main focus is design, UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), in which we help hundreds of customers create beauty: Yedda, Remmikub, City of David, Sandisk,, National Geographic, MTV, aniBoom, adsMarket, Sparkeo, travelfusion,, Daka90, HOT-ynet, and many more.

As the Marketing Manager I handle strategy, lead generation, brand management and positioning, sponsorship and events, PR, BR (bloggers relations), community and social, marcom, online/offline, and other stuff as well. Here’s a profile slide that you can download/share around. For business opportunities (or just social), feel free to contact me at dvir at inkod-hypera dot com. Samples of our work – after the embedded slideshare presentation and online. Enjoy!

Inkod-Hypera Overview – Exclusive Designs

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Ormat - Web Corporate UI & Design

Implementing E2.0 @ IBM – BNHP workshop

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking at a management workshop of Bank Hapoalim about Enterprise 2.0 and IBM’s experience with implementing such tools and solutions.

I made some changes to my slides after the presentation, and posted at
Love to hear comments and feedback.

E2.0?! Can you start from Web 1.0 please?

Today I had the privilege of speaking at a management workshop of one of the largest banks in Israel. The workshop was held at the bank’s education center, 30min outside of Tel Aviv, with a beautiful view of the ocean. This was one of the cases that I came to lecture through the community. The management workshop was given by an outside consulting company, that heard me speak at a recent conference. Another proof of the power of social media.

I was told to present ‘the IBM story’ of E2.0 adoption (Web 2.0 goes to work), meaning what we’re doing, internally, to foster knowledge sharing and participation. I took couple of my presentations, consolidated slides, made some adjustments, added the IBM angle, and I was ready to go.

The population was mixed in age, all in managerial positions at the bank, youngest one in the room was me ๐Ÿ™‚ Only when I asked people if they knew what twitter is, I realized that most people had no idea what Web 2.0 is all about, not to mention E2.0. That’s when I decided to skip some slides and explain over a whiteboard what we’re talking about…

I won’t tell the entire 90min presentation here, only summize with this:
At the beginning of my presentation a lady asked me what’s the benefit in all that user generated content (blogs, comments, wikis, articles, etc) if most of them are garbage (or below average), and why should any organization consider adopting such tools. At the end of the presentation, she asked me what’s the top 7 blogs to follow. And she’s also the one responsible for the title of this post. Folks, change is possible! even in a ‘traditional’ business as a bank.

As for the slides: I had to make some ad-hoc changes during the workshop, so the slides will be posted later this week.

BTW – if you haven’t subscribed to Jeremiah Owyang by now, shame on you!
His posts are right on the mark, and his knowledge in social media is infinite!
Only today we were talking at the workshop about FSS examples for social media (ROI/VOI), and there’s a list availble. We also talked about Gen Y and why they care if a bank has IM or a facebook thing, and here’s another post.
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I want a facebook thing. I think

Just wrapped up my presentation at KM Annual Conference (another one), where I got 20min (but took 30) to talk about Enterprise 2.0, or ‘I want a facebook thing. I think‘.
The event was more about traditional knowledge management (aka – documents), and how to maintain a document library within your internal portal, so my Enterprise 2.0 portion was unique and different. I like to be unique.

I adopted some tips from Ed and Alan and came with Jeans and a buttoned shirt (short sleeves – it’s Israel), instead of my usual dress-code. Being the last speaker before lunch is not easy, especially where you consider who came before me. If you happen to follow me on twitter, you know I was up with some fierce competition, as all the speakers before me, and sponsors outside, were MOSS/WSS/Sharepoint integrators. One hilarious moment came when a presenter took the stage to demo a solution over Powerpoint 2007 – but the main hall laptop had Office XP.. :-)) The laptop refused to open the Office 2007 file. LOL

The important thing, I ROCKED !!
And mentioned how IBM beat Sharepoint in Enterprise 2.0 face-off earlier this week.
And gathered some business cards for future opportunities.
I talked about social computing in general (what is facebook), then dived into Lotus Connections (I want something like this…) with references from Ernest & Young and Sprint, and finished with three first steps for piloting/adopting (COOL!! How to get started?).
With little time to spare I didn’t talked about the barriers to adoption, but Enterprise 2.0 Conference already covered this in one of their discussions.

You can view the embed slides below, or download from
The slides are in Hebrew – will prepare an English version over the weekend.

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