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Surviving the rough economy with Lotus Software

Intranet Journal published this super article, on how Lotus Software can help you and your company reduce expenses and navigate through the rough economy. My friend Ed Brill posted about this earlier this week. John Roling outlines nine actions you can take, that will help you weather this economical crisis, including: moving to Lotus Symphony, upgrading to Lotus Domino 8.5, deploying Lotus Sametime for IM and web-meetings and others:

As we’re all painfully aware, the current economic climate is far from wonderful. Businesses are looking for ways to cut corners and reduce costs whenever possible, and many times that leads to belt-tightening in your IT departments. I want to share with you some ways that products from Lotus can help you reduce costs in some obvious, and not-so-obvious ways.

Intranet Journal – Surviving the rough economy with Lotus Software
Ed Brill
Dvir Reznik – Now’s the time to deploy IM

IBM Software Forum – 8 days away…

Just over a week before IBM Software Forum kicks off, we have some 50 people registered – to the Lotus session alone! The other five sessions are filling up quite fast, so it’s best to register now.
You already know what Lotus agenda will look like, but I’m still working on my presentation, the first one of the evening. I have a rough idea what I want to talk about, but in the spirit of collaboration and sharing I thought ‘hey, why not ask the community?‘.

So, this is me, asking you, the community, who will attend IBM Software Forum next Thu., what do you want to hear? what’s interests you? Just comment below, email me dvir at or send @dvirreznik. I’ll do my best to incorporate your wishes in my presentation.

CRN: Top 10 IBM Stories of 2008

Alan has been showing his super strength this past few weeks by posting some IBM related stories before my Google Alert caught up with them. Kudos my friend !

Following last week’s article about Lotus Symphony wins 2008 Product of the Year, CRN has published another IBM piece, this time part of a seriesTop 10 IBM Stories of 2008.
As Alan mentions, Lotus grabbed two spots in the top 10, #8 and #10:
Socially Acceptable:

In another example of IBM thinking deep thoughts about IT, the company announced in September that it was creating a think tank called the Center for Social Software in its Cambridge, Mass., laboratory for developing social networking applications.

and, Domino Not Dead Yet…:

…in 2008, IBM made some moves to broaden Notes’ appeal and make it available to a wider audience. In September, IBM began offering a version of the software, dubbed IBM Lotus iNotes ultralite, for Apple’s popular iPhone. IBM also teamed up with Nokia to offer Notes on Nokia S60-based mobile devices and smartphones.

CRN: Top 10 IBM Stories of 2008
Alan Leposfky – Lotus earns 2 of the top 10 biggest IBM stories of 2008

Now’s the time to deploy IM

Now’s the time to deploy IM? really? you must think I’m joking – what about the crisis, the economy, the layoffs, the roi, the recession, the stock market? why should anyone make the decision to invest in IT? Well, simply put – because we must !
Businesses are still working, offering solutions, products and services – outcomes that will benefits the economy, save jobs (and creating new ones), healing the market, bouncing the stocks up. We’re facing harsh times, but we can’t close shop and go home. Furthermore, businesses are looking for ways to be more productive, getting more work done faster, while keeping a watchful eye on expenses. And they’re looking for easy to deploy and manage solutions, that can show real benefit in 2-4 weeks, not 6-12 months.

Some facts about IBM Lotus Sametime, the leading corporate instant messaging solution:

There are many reasons to freeze any IT related expense, and just wait. But there’s also the demand to grow your business, be more productive, more collaborative, save money – IM has transformed the way IBM works. Want to reap some of those benefits as well?

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Twitter in Israel

With twitter gaining momentum, I’m starting to see more Israelies followers – GO Israel! Although the enterprise adoption of twitter in Israel not as the US or European one, there are plenty of people out there twitting, who are working for Israeli companies, ranging from Hi-Tech, Advertising, Consumer Products, Retail and others.

Lev Cinema is one of the veteran chains of cinemas in Israel (25 years), doing its best to succeed in todays world, with broadband internet aceess, DVD, LCDs and video streaming. It recently opened it twitter account, @lev_cinema, and its first action of business was to gather as many followers as possible – # of users is the key indicator when it comes to any web 2.0 business.

I was very happy to see they opted for a unique marketing activity, that has a high cost vs. benefit value – free screening of Coen Brothers‘ latest film, Burn After Reading. It was also an opportunity to meet almost 70 Israeli twitters, most of whom I haven’t met in person.
The screening was super, movie was funny – too bad I arrived late (I was counting on commercials to make it on time, which surprisingly enough, there were none) and missed the gathering.. 🙁 Fortunately, Israel was there to take some pictures, so there’s a proof I was there.
As I (and others) commented in the post (Hebrew), I kind of hoped there would be a more formal gathering, before the movie started. People seating at the cinema, lights on, 15-20min discussion on social media in Israel, ROIs, best practices, ideas and feedback, something like that. I mean, you already have 70 twitters at one place – why not make the most of it? Nevertheless, it was an excellent activity, leveraging the use of social media, specifically social media in businesses.

Guess I’ll meet you guys (and gals) at one of Jeff‘s social gatherings this week.

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