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Back to the knowledge space

It has been quite the week for me. As I wrote before I was in Madrid, Spain this past week, on a course from work, on generating value. This is part of my on-going development program, and I’ll be happy to recommend this course to anyone who has interest of better understanding how value is created and perceived by the customer.
The course was developed by Duke Corporate Education, which handles many of the courses we have at IBM. For me it was an excellent experience and gave me the opportunity to meet colleagues, working at marketing oriented roles, within IBM across Europe.
The agenda of the course really gives a broader understanding of how theory is put into action, combining the basic PEST and SWOT analysis (among others), with IBM techniques.
Plus you get the chance to network with your colleagues, hearing their challenges, finding new solutions and building your expertise so you’ll be able to produce better value for your customers.

Now I’m back. Since I was on course during the week, I had little time connecting to my inbox, checking emails, so now I am facing with some filtering work. And I only began going over my feeds yet from the past couple of days…
Nevertheless, I wanted to share with you couple of posts I already scanned through.
In the first Muhammad Saleem talks about Viral Marketing, the hot and not so hot tactics, some interesting facts there. The second is actually from Israel, seen at, which talks (in Hebrew) about The Conflict of Knowledge Workers in the Corporate Business. As a knowledge worker for a major corporation, with a hobby for (well) knowledge, I connected to this post, and I started reading it, haven’t finished, yet. It’s a bit long, with links to 4 other articles and papers talking about the matter, the major of which is a paper from Andrew McAfee at Harvard Business School, on The Pursuit of Busyness.

My small contribution to Big Blue

IBM just released its results for the 1Q, ending March 31st. There’s also an English version.
I would like to comment on how I feel I contribute to that awesome figure of $22,000,000,000 of revenue in 3 months time.

Currently I lead the local IBM Forum Center team, part of marketing & communication dept. in IBM Israel. IBM Forum is the local solution and convention center, serving more than 10,000 customers a year. Our center is part of a network of 20+ centers across Europe.
Basically our mission is to support the local sales and marketing efforts of IBM and its Business Partners. In our center we allow business partners to showcase their proven solutions, based on IBM hardware and software, to the general public visiting IBM HQ.
Our team is educated on each solution present at IBM Forum so we could, in turn, articulate about the solution, thus creating more revenue for the business partner and IBM.

I particularly like to watch the press room of IBM Israel. Every article I see there I automatically go to our center archives and cross-check the customer name, to see when he visited our center. Like in this recent article, on a major SAP win at Yafora-Tavori, a leading Israeli manufacturer and distributer of soft drinks (RC Cola, Mineral Water, Spring, Shweppes and others).

I made my contribution, and it makes me feel better knowing I brought additional value for my customers (IBM and its business partners) who in turn increased the revenue of IBM Corp.

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