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LCTY Israel – mini wrap up

It’s been an exciting week, particularly the last 2 days.

Lotusphere Comes To You Israel was held today at IBM Israel, with over 75 customers, business partners, analysts and social software advocates, wanting to hear more about IBM’s strategy and direction on enterprise collaboration and social software. Our agenda was pretty packed, and slightly delayed, but overall it was a great event.

I have many things to say about these past 2 days, but right now I just want to ‘sign out’ and relax. A more detailed post will be published soon.

Israel from Blink live-blogged (sort of 😉 from the event, so you can read his impressions to get a feel on what we talked about. Thanks Israel !

The presentations from the event will be posted on the event website next week.

Happy Purim !

The future of collaboration from IBM Research

Lotus Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Event (a.k.a LCTY Israel) is a day away, and today we (Alan Lepofsky, Jason Risley and Arjan Radder) are visiting IBM Haifa Research Labs, hearing what’s in store for social software and collaboration tools. Our agenda here is packed with presentations and we’re behind by 20min so far – too many questions…

Tomorrow we’re gonna talk about how you can start implementing social software tools specifically developed for enterprises, and today we’re hearing about the future: social networking, software, web 2.0 aggregated search, people search, WS Portal search, visualization, plugins, widgets, Quickr ‘Next’, Connections ‘Next’ – very exciting stuff! I can’t elaborate obviously, and trying to put what I’m seeing into words is not easy as well…

The people at IBM Research are working on some innovative projects, and I’m very excited to see the outcome of some of these projects.. I think you’ll be interested as well… 😉

Free for social networking next Thursday ?

8 days before Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software event (a.k.a LCTY Israel/Lotus Collaboration Event) and tension is rising… our day is coming.. fast…
60 people have registered so far, and our telemarketing guys are doing an excellent job answering calls and telling people what we gonna cover during our event.

3 IBM/Lotus executives will be joining us next week in Israel, meeting customers and business partners, other than speaking at the event:
Alan Lepofsky, Lotus Strategy, SWG – coming all the way from Boston;
Jason Risley, WebSphere Portal Sales Manager for South-West Europe – traveling from Madrid;
and Arjan Radder, Social Software Sales Manager for South-West Europe – from The Netherlands.

We have a full agenda, with business partners showcase, excellent speakers and live demos – but seating is limited… hurry to register. There are couple of ways to do that:

So, what are you doing next Thursday ?

LCTY Israel – details and registration

LCTY Israel event will take place on Thursday, March 20th, at IBM Israel.
You can register now at You can also check out the facebook event page, and RSVP, BUT – you must register at the official IBM site. Don’t say you didn’t know…

This year’s Lotus Collaboration event will focus on Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software. 2008 has been marked by several analysts and IT companies as the year of social software – the year in which social networking will pave its way through the corporate firewall, and into the business processes. The event will be half-day, focusing on Lotus Stragety and social software solution, and the agenda is packed!! Our BPs will showcase their solutions and we’ll host 3 Lotus managers from Europe and the US:
Alan Lepofsky from Lotus Strategy team in the US, Arjan Radder from The Netherlands and Jason Risley from Spain. We’ll also provide you a glimpse of the social software future, when a colleague from IBM Haifa Research Labs will present and demo a solution that might find its way to the Lotus portfolio…
Here’s the agenda (you can also view it on the site):
09:00 – Registration, networking and BP showcase
09:30 – Welcome, Dvir Reznik
09:45 – Keynote – Lotus Software Strategy, Alan Lepofsky, Lotus Strategy, SWG, IBM US
10:30 – Social Networking at your Business, Arjan Radder, Social Software Sales Manager, SWG, IBM South-West Europe
11:15 – break
11:30 – SONAR – bridging the social networking gap, Inbal Ronen, Collaboration Technologies Dept., IBM Haifa Research Lab
12:30 – Collaboration in Harmony – demo, Dvir Reznik, Lotus Sales & Alex Balk, Lotus Technical Sales
13:30 – WebSphere Portal – Smart Solution for a Web Portal
14:15 – Lunch

See you at the event. Don’t forget to register

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