The future of collaboration from IBM Research

Lotus Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Event (a.k.a LCTY Israel) is a day away, and today we (Alan Lepofsky, Jason Risley and Arjan Radder) are visiting IBM Haifa Research Labs, hearing what’s in store for social software and collaboration tools. Our agenda here is packed with presentations and we’re behind by 20min so far – too many questions…

Tomorrow we’re gonna talk about how you can start implementing social software tools specifically developed for enterprises, and today we’re hearing about the future: social networking, software, web 2.0 aggregated search, people search, WS Portal search, visualization, plugins, widgets, Quickr ‘Next’, Connections ‘Next’ – very exciting stuff! I can’t elaborate obviously, and trying to put what I’m seeing into words is not easy as well…

The people at IBM Research are working on some innovative projects, and I’m very excited to see the outcome of some of these projects.. I think you’ll be interested as well… 😉

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