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IBM Software Forum – February 26

Updated Monday with links to the event page at .

IBM Software Forum will be held on Thursday, February 26th, 15:00-17:30, at Cinema City just outside of Tel Aviv.
The event will feature all five software brands – Lotus, Tivoli, Information Management, Rational and WebSphere – and focus on new announcements and success stories. The 6th session will focus on IBM System Z solutions (Mainframe). Participation is free of course, but requires registration at . At the end of IBM Software Forum there will be a premiere movie screening at Cinema City, of Gran Turino, starring Clint Eastwood.

As for Lotus, we have a very cool afternoon planned out, with two guest speakers and a welcome presentation by yours truly. The Lotus agenda is as follow:
Social media at the business and new Lotus solutions – Dvir Reznik
Housing 2.0 at Amidar – Amir Belferman, CIO, Amidar
Barack Obama, the long tail and social media – Niv Calderon, social media consultant.

The event page for registration and full description of IBM Software Forum will go live Sunday, so by Monday morning this post will be updated for you to register.. 😉

See you at IBM Software Forum!

Introducing a revolutionary software platform

The official press release is here.

Updates from SWG Community Day

I had good intentions of writing this post right after the event, but there’s this little thing called ‘life’, which rhymes with ‘wife’ – yada, yada, yada

Anyways – SWG Community Day was an excellent user group event, with full house of Lotus/Portal users, who enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with a movie. My Lotus Collaboration booth was packed with people asking questions, wanting to see first hand Notes/Domino 8.0 with Sametime, Lotus Connections and Lotus Symphony.. too bad I only had 30min for that.
Lotus Expeditor was presented by Eyal Levin, SMB Sales Mgr., and Yuval Feller, IT architect, both colleagues from SWG. Lotus Expeditor provides a wealth of features and possibilities to build a desktop, which aggregates many services and composite applications, either web-based, client based or server managed.
My recently appointed Lotus technical sales, Alex Balk, showed how innovation is taking center stage at IBM, and what our employees are using when it comes to collaboration and social software. Lotus of course…
More pictures are available on Flickr.

From one event we quickly move to the next one – LCTY Israel in March. Stayed tuned for details…

Heading to Community Day – are you?

It Monday folks, which means SWG Community Day is upon us.
I’m heading out there soon (quick lunch before… 😉

We already have over 40 participants in our session (Lotus/Portal), and they’re in for a treat.
During the welcome and networking we’ll have a collaboration booth, featuring Lotus Notes 8.0 with embed ST client, Lotus Connections, Lotus Quickr and Lotus Symphony.

Inside the hall, I’ll open the session with a quick summary of Lotusphere 2008 announcements, and some local updates – like the Collaboration Event we’re planning for sometime in March.
Then we have 2 lectures and live demos planned out: The first will showcase IBM Lotus Expeditor, the future desktop, IBM/Lotus rich client platform; The second will showcase ‘Innovation @ IBM’ – how IBMers collaborate, using the same tools and solutions available to the customers. Lotus solutions of course.

Hope to see you there !

Lotus Symphony Video:

Lotus Connections Video:

Last minute update – SWG Community Day

I’ve been thinking a lot this past few days, trying to figure out what to talk about tomorrow afternoon, at SWG Community Day (

Lotus customers have been very fortunate this past year, in which we held a user group every Q (in March, June and now this), and although we have some very exciting announcements to present, I know many of you have probably read them already, if not participated in some web casts that were available to BPs and customers.

I knew my presentation tomorrow should have 2 main topics: Lotus Strategy and Lotus Products. I just wasn’t sure how to frame them, how to open, what to focus on. Over the weekend I said you’re gonna hear how the (r)evolutions of Social Computing is changing the business landscape. That has changed. not entirely thou, allow me to explain: the presentation will still discuss about the same 2 main topics, just wrapped differently.

The (final) title (for now) is Lotus Strategy. You’ll still hear how the business landscape is changing our world, what factors are affecting our strategy, and what is Lotus Strategy. There will also be plenty of slides on the recent products we’ve announced this Q, and the UC2 demo of course. I’ve been reading some bloggers asking ‘where Notes/Domino is going?’. Aside from the excellent financial results Lotus is showing Q/Q and Y/Y, we have a very clear vision and a well planned roadmap for future releases. The recent announcements and acquisition relates directly to it.

I do hope seeing you tomorrow, 15:00 at Cinema City.

For those wanting to test Sametime Meeting Room, I’ve created a meeting at the Sametime Demo server, which is available to everyone, after a short registration process.
Just point your browser here and you could follow the presentation as we go along. Unfortunately, no audio/video.. just the slides. The password for the meeting is ‘lotus’.

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