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eWeek: Linux will chip away at Windows desktops in 2009

Doug Heintzman, Director of Strategist for Lotus Software, predicts that 2009 will mark the Linux year at desktops and laptops, following their popularity on netbooks, the ultralight, low-cost laptops. In a recent interview to, Doug reviewed the technologies and trends that will change the way we work in 2009:

We may well be at an inflection that, with distributions like the Ubuntu distribution, with the rise of popularity in the Mac OS platform, maybe the market starts to fragment and the monopoly loses its power. The Vista launch didn’t help matters much. Netbooks, where people are using a basic set of capabilities on the desktop but are storing photos and music files and editing their documents in much more in an online way….


UCC (unified communications and collaboration) is getting stronger, supported by SAAS (software as a service), cloud computing, mashups, Web browser technologies, free software and, of course, Linux and open source.

eWeek – IBM Lotus Strategist sees Linux on Netbooks Making Inroads vs. Windows in 2009

Last minute update – SWG Community Day

I’ve been thinking a lot this past few days, trying to figure out what to talk about tomorrow afternoon, at SWG Community Day (

Lotus customers have been very fortunate this past year, in which we held a user group every Q (in March, June and now this), and although we have some very exciting announcements to present, I know many of you have probably read them already, if not participated in some web casts that were available to BPs and customers.

I knew my presentation tomorrow should have 2 main topics: Lotus Strategy and Lotus Products. I just wasn’t sure how to frame them, how to open, what to focus on. Over the weekend I said you’re gonna hear how the (r)evolutions of Social Computing is changing the business landscape. That has changed. not entirely thou, allow me to explain: the presentation will still discuss about the same 2 main topics, just wrapped differently.

The (final) title (for now) is Lotus Strategy. You’ll still hear how the business landscape is changing our world, what factors are affecting our strategy, and what is Lotus Strategy. There will also be plenty of slides on the recent products we’ve announced this Q, and the UC2 demo of course. I’ve been reading some bloggers asking ‘where Notes/Domino is going?’. Aside from the excellent financial results Lotus is showing Q/Q and Y/Y, we have a very clear vision and a well planned roadmap for future releases. The recent announcements and acquisition relates directly to it.

I do hope seeing you tomorrow, 15:00 at Cinema City.

For those wanting to test Sametime Meeting Room, I’ve created a meeting at the Sametime Demo server, which is available to everyone, after a short registration process.
Just point your browser here and you could follow the presentation as we go along. Unfortunately, no audio/video.. just the slides. The password for the meeting is ‘lotus’.

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