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Gmail Labs adds Lotus Notes Replication Capability

One of the many things I love about Google Reader is its Offline mode – which comes in handy especially during flights. I can read (a lot of) feeds and blogs, marking for later the things I want to tag/dogear/post/delicious. This story at caught my eye, talking about Gmail Labs adding offline capability to the popular e-mail service. Wow.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love Gmail (much more than Yahoo! Mail), and the Labs have some cool products, BUT, two things bugs me in this story:

The first, Lotus Notes has been sporting this ‘offline’ mode since its inception, some 16 years ago. It’s called ‘Replication‘, and allows you to take everything (not just emails) offline, including composite applications, calendar, emails with attachments – and syncing with the Domino server when such a connection is available.

The second is the total disregard to Lotus Notes and Domino as a desktop email client/platform. The reporter, Dora Kishinevsky, mentions that such a feature is similar to what desktop email clients do, like Outlook. Israel is a Microsoft country, but there are other vendors, and some journalists know that.

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Integrating Dogear within Google Search Results

Luis Benitez has been posting awesome articles on his blog (Socialize Me) and developerWorks, showcasing how easy Lotus Connections integrates with other collaborative solutions. I also learned recently that Luis was once the EA of Mac Guidera, so Luis’s path to greatness is already paved 😉

After reading Luis’s post about integrating Dogear into Google search results I decided to try it out for myself. Using The Fox for 4 years now, adding Greasemonkey was a piece of cake, and the scrpit was a no brainer (just clicking it :-). The result – now I can see Dogear results (coming from IBM’s internal bookmarking system) alongside Google results (full size image).

Furthermore, it’s good to see my blog post for ‘Extending Lotus Notes 8‘ ranking #2 for this specific search.. Cool !

Mixing it up with IBM Mashup Center

There’s more to Web 2.0 than RSS, blogs and the 1,150,000,000 people connected to the internet. Web 2.0 is allowing us to bridge the gap between innovative (and social) technologies and business needs, in a simple (and code-less) way. I can take a map from Google, picture from flickr and a blog rss, incorporate them all into a single view – thus creating a new and unique service. It’s called a mashup:

In web development, a mashup is a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool; an example is the use of cartographic data from Google Maps to add location information to real-estate data, thereby creating a new and distinct web service that was not originally provided by either source. [wikipedia]

IBM has been working for some time on develpoing a tool that would allow easy creation of mashups – IBM Mashup Center, that is now available free via IBM Lotus Greenhouse.CRN reviewed three mashup solutions: Google Mashup Editor Beta, IBM Mashup Center and Adobe LiveCycle. Here’s what they had to say about IBM Mashup Center:

IBM Mashup Center provides an easy-to-use, GUI-based method to combining maps, RSS feeds, and corporate data like customer lists into browser-based widgets. Creating a mashup here is as simple as dragging and dropping RSS feeds, mapping information, CSV files or other data sets onto a work board… IBM is targeting non-technologists—this is both less code-intensive and more business-friendly than Google Mashup Editor.

and closing with

The IBM Mashup Center provides a slightly more attractive alternative because of the platform’s flexibility and easy-to-deploy approach.

Mashups are definitely something that need to be in every CIO/CTO scope – the possibilities are endless, and those require little technical skills. Mixing up has never been so easy.
Stay tuned for my first mashup… coming soon.

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My latest gadget

Since we’re approaching the Jewish High Holidays, it’s only appropriate I’ll have a representation at my messaging platform, aka Lotus Notes 8.0.1. After a short search in Google Gadgets I came across this cool (Israeli) app that adds a Jewish calendar, with all the relevant information I need. Obviously I added a Jewish calendar as a secondary one to my built-in calendar, but the holidays aren’t highlighted like here – it’s always the little things 😉

The full scale screen shot is available here.

Sergey Brin Q&A at Garage Geeks

The past week was filled with VIPs in Israel, and I’m not referring to George W. Bush who visited here Wednesday, and halted the traffic in Jerusalem for 2 days. The President’s Conference, hosted by Israeli President Shimon Peres, attracted the who’s and who of politics and business, and gave us little people a chance to rub against the a-listers of Time, Fortune and BusinessWeek.

Plenty of business leaders took advantage of this conference. One of them was Google’s co-Founder Sergey Brin, who joined Yossi Vardi to his periodically Garage Geeks party, hosted (quite literally) in a garage near Tel Aviv.

Here’s a fair amount of Sergey’s ad-hoc Q&A section, as filmed by Ayelet Noff.

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