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Tweaking my Lotus Notes 8.5 Client

Getting a new HDD for my laptop was an excellent occasion to upgrade my Notes client to the latest version, 8.5, announced last month. Even thou I downloaded IBM’s internal installation package for 8.5, there are couple of tweaks I needed to do, gadgets to add, live-text to create.

Luis Benitez is usually my source for Lotus Connections stuff, but his latest tweak is inteneded for all you Lotus Notes and Lotus Connections users out there – enabling Lotus Connections’ Person card in Lotus Notes 8.5 Activities. The tweak is easy, no technical expertise needed, and upgrades my user experience – now I can access all the social aspects of an activity member.
Thanks Luis!

Luis Benitez
Lotus Notes and Domino Wiki
IBM announces Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 at MacWorld 7 Things IT Manager Should Know About Lotus Notes has published Thomas Duff’s (aka Duffbert) article, titled ‘7 thing IT manager should know about Lotus Notes‘. In the article, Tom goes over some basic Lotus features, that in my opinion are the differentiators between Lotus Notes/Domino and other messaging solutions. Both Ed and Alan have caught this up early.

Particularly I connected to #5, one of Lotus Notes strongest feature: Replication lets you work both offline and online:

Today’s knowledge workers don’t come to the office at 9:00 am and leave at 5:00 pm. They are “always on,” and they need to access their data whether or not a network connection is available. The Notes client accommodates this requirement by replicating data between server and local versions of your mail files and applications. It’s among Notes oldest and most cherished features—for good reason.

When a network connection exists, Notes synchronizes data between the server and client. The replication occurs at the field level, so two people can update different fields in the same document (such as an invoice or travel request); the server merges the updates so that the document shows both sets of changes. Frankly, this is slick. Nobody else has ever achieved this level of WayCool synchronization sophistication, particularly because it’s so trouble free that the feature is usually invisible.

Notes e-mail users replicate their mail files to local versions on their laptops, so they can be productive offline. When they once again connect to the network, all the changes are replicated with the server and messages are sent to the appropriate people. That applies to Notes databases and applications, not just e-mail.

Head over to for the full article.

20 Seconds

I’ve been using Lotus Notes 8.0.2 version for quite some time now, and only today have I downloaded the latest release, which includes Symphony 1.2 (instead of 1.1), as well as Sametime Primary Buddies plugin (pretty cool addon).
The latest release has really improved the start-up times, and my ThinkPad X60 (Intel Core Duo, T2400 @ 1.83GHz with 2GB RAM) machine loaded Lotus Notes 8.0.2 in 20 seconds. The CPU consumption has also decreased dramatically, to around 200MB (see screenshot).

Client’s faster, improved performance – nothing more to add really… :-))

Who is this person ?

I was playing the other day with Lotus Notes Live Text feature, which was heavily discussed in Lotus blogosphere. All you need is some curiosity.. Using a simple built-in Lotus Notes wizard, I created a live text action, that highlights every email address ( with a dotted blue line. Double click and a new browser tab opens within my Lotus Notes application, pasting the email in the ‘Search for’ field, changing the ‘Search type’ to ‘Internet address’, and submitting the request.

The final result: a profile page of the person behind the email address. Another simple way how Lotus Notes 8.0.1 can improve collaboration across your business. And it’s not an ‘Enterprise’ solution… Even if your company employs 100 people – do you know every one of them?

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