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Impressions from a virtual world

After attending and speaking at the Virtual Worlds, Real People Conference this past week, I must say my interest level in virtual worlds has risen. First of all, IDC Herzeliya managed to organize excellent agenda, that really covered, or tried to cover, every aspect of VW. The speakers are active users, either academic of business, including Moshik Miller, a very passionate Ph.D student, doing his Doctorate on the economy of virtual worlds at the Technion. I also met Dr. Yesha Sivan, a metaverse researcher, who spoke about the Full 3D3C (3D, Collaboration, Creation and Commerce) – an interesting way of measuring a virtual world. For instance, World of Warcraft is superb at 3D (amazing graphics) and Collaboration, but lacks in Creation (everything is created by the game) and Commerce (no real economy). Secondlife is good at Collaboration, Creation and Commerce, but lacks in 3D (very low graphical quality). During the break-outs I had some discussions with participants who were intrigued on IBM’s activities and keen to find out how we can work together. There are 2 on-going projects right now, that obviously I can’t comment on, but will do so in the coming weeks.

Here are the slides I showed. You can download them [PDF format, 6MB] here.

More presentations are available at

IBM and the Metaverse

DC Herzeliya are holding a unique conference coming Tuesday (15th), Virtual Worlds, Real People. The conference is organized by The Asper Institute for New Media Diplomacy, part of The Sammy Ofer School of Communications. Small excerpt from the agenda:
People are spending increasing amounts of time in online virtual worlds and massive-multiplayer online games. Our goal is to bring together people from around Israel (and a few visitors) who are interested in the psychological, sociological, and communication aspects of such virtual worlds.

The conference is mainly academic, with an interesting agenda and speaker list (I’m not saying that because I’m on the list.. ). First of all, I think it’s the first time metaverse has its own conference in Israel, that is both academic and business. IDC has a feel for new media, and even held the first Blogference back in 2007. The discussions will cover almost every field relating to virtual worlds, starting with social impacts, business opportunities, economy, personal interactions, user interface and design, human behavior and much more. Other than my presentation, IBM and the Metaverse, which will focus on IBM activity in virtual worlds, I’m looking forward to hearing my colleagues speak, particularly on the social impacts and human behavior.

In a Global Innovation Outlook report IBM published back in 2007, titled Virtual Worlds, Real Leaders, there is a discussion on how MMORPGs increase leadership skills, and shape the personality of future leaders: If you want to see what business leadership may look like in three to five years, look at what’s happening in online games [Byron Reeves, Ph.D].

The conference will take place coming Tuesday, January 15th, at IDC Herzeliya. I will post my presentation at after the conference.

The next net and your business

After 3 days of army reserve training, just before heading home, I stopped at IDC Herzeliya, to lecture on The Next Net – What it means to your business, to the members of The Israeli Innovation Forum – an academic program for executives, run at the Arison School of Business.
The forum aims at creating a community for executives to promote innovation in Israel, while fostering the knowledge and expertise of its members. For full disclosure I’ll mention that the forum is run by IDC with sponsorship from IBM Haifa Research Lab.

There is at least 1 video in my lectures, and on this I had 2, although I had only 30 minutes.
The first video was The Facebook Song, which I saw at Lior Zoref.

This song provides a good intro and ice-breaker to the subject of social network – there are many disciplines, topics, focus areas – 30min was quite a challenge.

Just before slide 3 I did a quick survey, to see if social networking and web 2.0 era had any effect on business leaders – so I asked how many track blogs, write blogs or members of any social network. I liked what I saw – over 60% of participants had their hands up on all 3 questions, which shows social networking and social software is not overlooked, and business leaders are taking it seriously, looking for business opportunities.

In slide 6 a small shiver crossed my body – I noticed that I’m obsolete – not part of the NetGen.
I’m almost 30 (presents are welcome), started working with computers in high school, and had my first cellphone only 10 years ago. The members of the forum reassured me that I’m still very relevant, so it’s cool. For now.

Despite the time (8pm), the members were very cooperative and we had some interesting discussions, on facebook, viral marketing and innovation at the business. To wrap us my lecture I pointed people to BusinesWeek Special Report, Social Networking with the Elite, which I wrote about earlier this week. When I referred to the CIA as the Central Intelligence Agency, one participant told me which CIA is the “important” one – the Culinary Institute of America. I should start cooking more… Gabi, thanks for the tip. Now I know.

You can view my presentations over at

As a (bit long) side comment, I must say Lior is a business colleague/competitor I value – he holds a unique vision on digital media and true to the ‘try it yourself‘ rule, was responsible for several breaking marketing ideas in Israel. The latest being Yossi and Lior‘s Test Broadcasting, a 15min clip, on technology and marketing.

IDC ranks IBM WebSphere Portal #1

Excellent report from IDC, which adds up to other awards and reviews, but this one marks IBM’s leadership not only in 2007, but also in terms of future implementations and releases.
The 2007 reports puts IBM WebSphere Portal in the lead for the 5th year in a row – not an easy task.. IBM’s market share in 2006 was 31.5%, well ahead of the competition.

IBM is “successfully selling portal solutions to businesses of all sizes in conjunction with other complementary products, especially those used for collaboration” according to IDC analyst Kathy Quirk. Kathy’s comments are very much aligned with IBM’s latest initiative, Web 2.0 Goes to Work, launched last month.

Larry Bowden, vice president of portals and Web interaction services at IBM elaborates:
“Portals have been primarily used to distribute information, but now things are getting more interactive,” he said. “You can have instant messaging, real-time chats with customers and constituents, and even video.”

See you at Blogference 2007

I think this is the first Blogging convention ever held in Israel, and as a blogger and participant it’s very exciting. IDC Herzeliya is hosting the 1st Blogference on July 1-2 (Hebrew site, English site), with an impressive list of guest bloggers, led by Om Malik, from GigaOm. Also coming to visit our small and very hot these last days (over 30 degrees C = over 90 F ) country, are Kent Alan Nichols & Douglas Sarine from, Justin Kownacki from, Jessica Ann Coen from Vanity Fair magazine, Andrew Baron and Joanne Colan from and others.

The convention will span 2 days and cover some philosophical/social/psychological questions during the 1st day (Sunday, July 1st), while the 2nd day (Monday, July 2nd) will be devoted to hands-on workshops, over 20 of them. The first day will host 3 different panels on the implications of blogging on our world, from various aspects. An interesting panel, which I’ll try to attend, is the 2nd one, entitled “The Psychology of Blogging”, presented by Dr. Amichai from IDC. Dr. Amichai has written a paper on the effects blog writing has on teenagers. Should be interesting to hear. On the 2nd day, workshop day, Eyal Levin (colleague from SWG) and myself will be speaking at the 3rd workshop that day, entitled “Next generation of communications and information management – Web logging as an inner organizations tool”. We’ll be speaking about IBM’s role in bringing web 2.0 to work, and some of our recently announced Software collaboration products, mainly Lotus Quickr 8.0 and Lotus Connections 1.0.

So, if you happen to come to Blogference on Sunday or Monday, stop by to say “Hi” – although we’re on cyberspace, “pressing the flesh” has never hurt anyone..
See you there 🙂

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