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Men are from Mars, Women from Venus

Saw this post over at Dan Ariely‘s Predictably Irrational blog (a recommend addition to your RSS reader). Dan is a Professor of Behavioral Economics at Duke University and a visiting Professor at MIT. His book, Predictably Irrational is on my read list at LinkedIn.

Dan used Google in a way most of us (me at least) haven’t thought of yet – researching human behavior. We do use Google to search for stuff, but Dan hasn’t searched for anything. He merely started typing and waited for Google’s predictions – the drop-down list that opens up, suggesting you search queries, based on what other people frequently looked for.

What women are looking for

What women are looking for

The query Dan started typing was:
“how can I get my boyfriend to” and “how can I get my girlfriend to”. The results are hilarious, but proves what the entire world already knows: men are practical, women are after love… 馃槈

What men are looking for

What men are looking for

Wanna join Intlock’s Partners Program?

Sharepoint is all about collaboration and at Intlock we preach for the exact same thing. Our solution, CardioLog, is the leading usage reporting solution in the market, thanks to these three factors:

  • CardioLog is aware of your portal structure;
  • CardioLog is an open platform solution;
  • CardioLog is familiar with your Sharepoint users

Doing business in a flat world has truly transformed the way businesses interact and work with one another, not to mention the endless possibilities for the customer – it has a global reach, to any vendor, anywhere in the world, in a click of a button.

Intlock Partners Program provides just that – the opportunity to do business, together, worldwide. Our program enables complementary solution providers, integrators and distributors to have all business, marketing, and technological resources for offering best-of-breed portal control and monitoring to their solution offerings. Our current partners are already reaping the benefits either as VAR (value-added resellers) or Technology Partners.

If you’d like to hear more about Intlock Partners Program and understand how we can enjoy a win-win joint venture, drop me a line at dvir.reznik at intlock dot com.

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Samsung Galaxy Preview

Yesterday at 7pm the Samsung Galaxy campaign was launched, with Nitzan Brumer and myself as the first 2 participants. The goal is simple: updating twitter/facebook/both status for 48 hours, at intervals of 30min tops, using the #samsungalaxy tag. The prize: We get to keep the Samsung Galaxy, first Android based phone in Israel. The ‘X-Factor’: various treats to keep us awake and updating. Which means I can sleep, but only for 25min at a time. OR, build a Rubi program that will twit for me…

Either way, I need to find some ‘time-fillers’, so instead of sharing with you how I feel about ‘The 2009 Fall Season‘ or ‘the situation‘, I decided to give a short preview of Samsung’s latest device, that at a first glance has a very good chance of becoming my ‘iPhone Killer‘, unlike Nokia’s N97, which I reviewed only 2 weeks ago.

The good

  • Android is more like iPhone than anything else I’ve seen. It starts with the homepage (3 of them actually), drag-and-drop and device speed (Qualcomm CPU @ 528MHz). There’s definitely a ‘cool-ness effect’ to this phone.
  • Cellcom and Samsung Israel did a great work on the Hebrew interface of the Galaxy. Menus appear as they should, no Bidi mistakes, keyboard layout is also great, very similar to you laptop/pc.
  • Google integration is super – as one should expect from a device running Google OS. Enter your username and password and every piece of data you stored at the G-cloud comes to your phone: Calendar, Contacts, Emails, GTalk, YouTube (you can define the Auto-Sync options). On the other hand – I feel a bit exposed knowing all that data is just ‘sitting’ there…
  • Android Market cannot match Apple’s 65,000 apps, but it’s getting there. Easy to search and navigate, includes ‘My Downloads’ to keep track of your installs and some very cool apps!

The bad

  • The chassis of the Galaxy doesn’t match the iPhone or even N97 standards. It looks cheaper, not as ‘flashy’. The 6 keys at the bottom have no back-light, which makes it somewhat difficult to operate in the dark.
  • I haven’t found a way to ‘Close’ an app. Clicking on ‘Back’ takes you one step back, but the app stays open in the background – consuming battery and 3G/Wi-Fi/GPS.
  • Battery life. Although the device is not small (115x56x11.9mm), and packs an impressive specification, the battery is small. And coupled with the last bullet, working on 3G (wifi is less consuming for some reason) results in about 5 hours – not enough, and quite disappointing.
  • Single ‘notification’ alarm – for anything other than an incoming call. When you enable Twitter/Email/SMS notifications there’s no way of telling the difference – you must check.
  • No front camera for Video-Calls.
  • Camera is ok (5MP, Auto Focus, LED flash), but doesn’t match the N95/97 – in both picture and video quality. Also, I couldn’t find any ‘Zoom’ option when capturing, which is a bit annoying. There’s ‘Crop’ in ‘Gallery’, but why disable ‘Zoom’ to begin with?

The Samsung Galaxy seems like an excellent answer for people looking for a non-iPhone Touchscreen device, that has roughly the same specs, in a less-expensive-Google-packaging. My fiancee liked it better than the N97, not to mention the various apps. The Android Market is definitely the ‘wild-card’ of this phone, and is the ultimate testiment to the power of the community – the variety is huge, and you can find applications to satisfy (almost) any wish.

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Learning to speak Android

Something good is happening to Israel in the social media scene. Twitter is getting A LOT of screen time, and even yours truly got his 30sec of fame in a recent TV piece (1:25min from start and again, later on) trying to uncover the mystery behind the micro-blogging platform.

Advertising agencies and consumer goods companies cannot ignore the stats and grown interest, so both started to incorporate social media aspects into their traditional and interactive campaigns. A month with Nokia N97, courtesy of, did bring plenty of attention and social media coverage for Nokia Israel and the N97, but most reviews weren’t that favorable, and in my opinion might damaged the launch of the device.

But enough of Symbian, because I have roughly a week to learn a new language – Android! I’ll be switching to a Samsung Galaxy (aka i7500) within a week or so, part of a local campaign run by Samsung Israel, Cellcom (largest cellular provider in Israel), TheFusion, McCann Digital and Nir Refuah of course, to launch the first Android device in Israel. Details of the campaign are still sketchy, but I do know it will be a 48 hour contest (vs. another local blogger) during which I’ll have to send status updates (#samsungalaxy) every 30min or so. To keep me busy (and awake) during those 48 sleep-less hours, Samsung will pamper me with various treats and surprises. Good thing I haven’t found a job, yet… 馃槈

So, couple of necessities before the campaign starts – help appreciated (Thanks in advance!):

  • Twitter app for Android
  • Facebook app for Android
  • Video streaming app for Android
  • VOIP app for Android (Fring doesn’t support Android OS)
  • Must-have Android apps – update: found Android Market, but if you have specific suggestions, feel free to comment.
  • Tips and tricks

Will keep you posted how this develops.

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Integrating Dogear within Google Search Results

Luis Benitez has been posting awesome articles on his blog (Socialize Me) and developerWorks, showcasing how easy Lotus Connections integrates with other collaborative solutions. I also learned recently that Luis was once the EA of Mac Guidera, so Luis’s path to greatness is already paved 馃槈

After reading Luis’s post about integrating Dogear into Google search results I decided to try it out for myself. Using The Fox for 4 years now, adding Greasemonkey was a piece of cake, and the scrpit was a no brainer (just clicking it :-). The result – now I can see Dogear results (coming from IBM’s internal bookmarking system) alongside Google results (full size image).

Furthermore, it’s good to see my blog post for ‘Extending Lotus Notes 8‘ ranking #2 for this specific search.. Cool !

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