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It matters

Watching this video over at Jon Burg’s blog made me realize I have something in common with the advertising professionals filmed – I too was laid off (wasn’t a surprise though) and it opened up new opportunities for me, not to mention that it made me start cooking, which I kinda love :-))

It’s not easy leaving a workplace you call home after 8 years, paving a new path in one of the toughest economical times the world has known. And still, much like the guys at Lemonade, I feel good about myself and the decisions I’ve made, knowing I’m doing something that matters for my future.

I hope Lemonade will find its way to Israel as well..

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Back on the market

Today was my last day at Isracard.

After a short tenure at the leading credit card company in Israel, I came to realize there is a gap in expectations, that cannot be bridged at this time. Some might ponder as to ‘why/what/how/are you crazy?!’, but as I learned during my professional career and my personal life alike – talking is the ultimate communication medium, and there’s no point keeping things inside, waiting for them to pass.

I would like to thank Isracard and the wonderful people I met at the advertising department – an awesome bunch of savvy individuals doing a great job that have hugged me from day 1, welcomed me with open arms (and plenty of candy.. 😉 and were supportive from the start. Thank you.

So, I’m back on the market, looking to do amazing online and digital marketing things. You already know how to reach me… 🙂

Meet my new employer – Isracard

After 40 something days of job searching (and beaching.. 😉 I’ll be starting my new job coming Monday, June 15 2009, at Isracard as Head of Social Media, part of the Marketing Division. I’m very excited as this position is a new one at Isracard, and as I’ll be doing the things I love and understand, at a large consumer company, internally and externally.

Isracard is Israel’s leading credit card company with some 2.5m card holders and over 100,000 clearing businesses via 3 products: Visa International, Mastercard International and Isracard. The company was founded in 1975 and employs some 1,300 people, HQ in Tel Aviv.

As my role is a new one, I’ll post a more elaborate entry about my responsibilities in couple of weeks, but basically my daily routine (as I see it) relates to every aspect of the company operations, split into 3 major routes:

  • Customers – almost every citizen in Israel (inclusing me) holds at least one Isracard card and with 2.5m customers, I’m guessing the online conversation will be interesting…
  • Clearing businesses – major aspect of any company operation is its eco-system, and in Isracard’s case those are the +100,000 businesses accepting Isracard cards, across the country.
  • Employees – the human capital is any company’s strength, and with 1,300 people (300-400 of them at various call-centers) – they are the best evangelists to Isracard’s work.

So, even before I officaily started I can see some challenges and opportunities. Not sure I’ll get Obama’s grace period, but nevertheless I intend to do my best, as always. If you have any suggestions/requests/tips for my first day at the job, leave a comment or drop me an email.
And finally, I want to thank those who helped me in those 40 something days – thank you!

What have I been doing lately

I’m un-employed since April 23rd, and being in that status has some perks, but also some down-sides. The perks are obvious: being free, no agenda, no business emails, sleeping late, watching NBA finals till 5am, going to the beach, learning new skills, re-connecting with friends. The downsides are less obvious and being without a laptop is one of them. Since 2001 I always had a laptop, T23, T41 and X60 – and only when one looses it, one realizes how important it was.

The immediate results:

  • blog postings have decreased to 1-3 a week
  • twittering has increased dramatically
  • mobile solutions rule

I am going to buy a netbook very soon, the Asus EeePC 1000HE, which got great reviews, and my expectations were high last week looking forward to its arrival, but B&H disappointed me in a very un-cool way.

Yaniv and Niv over at newsgeek, Israel’s new tech blog, asked me to start writing for the blog, which I was very happy to do. Writing was always a passion (same as talking.. ;-), and posting in Hebrew about the topics that interest me is a treat. Make sure you rss newsgeek’s feed.

Job-wise, still nothing closed. Been searching and applying for sales/marketing positions on the usual sites, and I’m offering myself as a freelance marketer in specific projects. Have declined 2 positions so far, 2 more are in the pipeline at an advanced stages, and the future is still wide open.

Bottom-line – I’m enjoying my time, evaluating what I want to do next, and where, and most important: spending (more) quality time with my fiancee!
And here’s a little preview to something I’m looking forward to this week… 😉

What am I gonna do next?

First off I want to thank all the people that sent me messages (facebook, twitter and here) following my Moving on post from last week. Reading your positive feedback was pure pleasure, coming from customers, business partners, analysts and friends with whom I worked over the past 8 years. Thank you!

Some of you asked me where am I going, what am I doing next. So, here’s my answer:
As of today, I am still looking for my next challenge. The economic climate isn’t sunny at the moment, but the market is still very much active, and opportunities are always opening up.
If you have a friend, who knows a friend, who heard of an open position – here’s what I’m bringing to the table:

  • 8 years experience at IBM
  • Current (last) role: Software sales leader, for mobile, messaging, knowledge management, web-portals and social media solutions – annual sales of $1M.
  • Worked across all industries in Israel, focusing on enterprise (finance, insurance, government) but also SMB/SME.
  • Previous roles: Intranet Editor and Webmaster, Internal Comms Mgr. and IBM BP Center Marketing Mgr.
  • Familiar with marketing tactics and strategies, social media tools, market analysis and monitoring, budget allocations, interactive and advertising experience.
  • Direct and channel sales, pipeline management, generating demand, sales cycles, CRM/Siebel expertise, post-sale support.
  • Excellent knowledge of the IT market, both locally and globally, fast learner and technology savvy.
  • Almost 31, single (with a special lady), BA in Finance and MBA in Marketing, and a graduate of IBM Global Sales School.
  • Willing to relocate if needed.

I’ll be most useful to your company in two major fields:
Marketing – as a marketing manager, digital/internet marketing manager and/or marcom mgr.
Sales (IT) – software sales, sales leader/manager, account manager.

I’m well-connected, socially that is, so feel free to ask around for recommendations. If you need a formal CV, email me: dvirreznik at or send me a DM on twitter. See you around 🙂

Photo from istockphoto, licensed.

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