What have I been doing lately

I’m un-employed since April 23rd, and being in that status has some perks, but also some down-sides. The perks are obvious: being free, no agenda, no business emails, sleeping late, watching NBA finals till 5am, going to the beach, learning new skills, re-connecting with friends. The downsides are less obvious and being without a laptop is one of them. Since 2001 I always had a laptop, T23, T41 and X60 – and only when one looses it, one realizes how important it was.

The immediate results:

  • blog postings have decreased to 1-3 a week
  • twittering has increased dramatically
  • mobile solutions rule

I am going to buy a netbook very soon, the Asus EeePC 1000HE, which got great reviews, and my expectations were high last week looking forward to its arrival, but B&H disappointed me in a very un-cool way.

Yaniv and Niv over at newsgeek, Israel’s new tech blog, asked me to start writing for the blog, which I was very happy to do. Writing was always a passion (same as talking.. ;-), and posting in Hebrew about the topics that interest me is a treat. Make sure you rss newsgeek’s feed.

Job-wise, still nothing closed. Been searching and applying for sales/marketing positions on the usual sites, and I’m offering myself as a freelance marketer in specific projects. Have declined 2 positions so far, 2 more are in the pipeline at an advanced stages, and the future is still wide open.

Bottom-line – I’m enjoying my time, evaluating what I want to do next, and where, and most important: spending (more) quality time with my fiancee!
And here’s a little preview to something I’m looking forward to this week… 😉

Mobile & Media Consultant. I help startup companies launch products to the consumer market. Reach out: dvir.reznik [at] gmail.com



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