Sundays in the sun..

I arrived this morning (Sunday) to Madrid, Spain for 5 days -professional course and some business meetings. Since it’s Sunday, and I’m used to working on a Sunday (Jewish after all), it was a good change of climate to take Sunday off. And speaking of climate, the weather in Madrid is excellent. Just like Tel Aviv. Temp was about 24C-26C, sun was high up in the sky, and the streets were filled with people. In recent trips I usually arrive on a weekday, so spending 3/4 of a Sunday strolling the city is not bad.
Lots of people came to Plaza Mayor, sitting at the cafes, at the plaza itself, going through to other places (like me). Fun.

I took the time today for some walking. It’s my 2nd visit to Madrid, and last time I had a full day for myself, so I already checked most of the main attractions. Every time I visit a European city I can’t understand how Tel Aviv doesn’t have a Metro/Subway. It’s superb. Especially for tourists, but not only. It’s definitely cheaper than a taxi.
I decided to visit the Museo del Prado (Prado Museum) again, since last time I had only 4-5 hours, and it wasn’t enough. This time around there was an exhibition of Tintoretto, and the crowd came in numbers to see (on the left).

On another subject, which symbolizes plenty opportunities for start-ups – the Environment, or Global Warming. Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day, according to the Earth Day Network. Even Google created a nice logo for the occasion. If you haven’t RSS-ed to some Earth Friendly feeds, now is the time. You can start with Lighter Footsteps, which also prepared this top 10 list of things you can do towards a lighter, more sustainable, lifestyle. Even industry giants, such as IBM, are seeing the potential in ‘greener’ initiatives and projects, like in this recent Intelligent Energy insight, or Turning Green with Ingenuity. You can read more about IBM’s commitment to the planet here.

And closing this post with this: apparently this cute Bulldog walked some extra miles, since he lied on the curve, legs spread, colling himself down.. the big dog is watching…

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  1. 1 gatsby May 1, 2007 at 00:11


    I like your insights and the light tone you keep in your blog. Does the course you took in Madrid open to the general public or is it an IBM crafted?

    J. Gatsby

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