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It’s (same)time for High Definition

IBM and Radvision has a long-lasting partnership in the IM space, with IBM’s Lotus Sametime and Radvision’s Scopia Desktop solution. In Lotusphere 2009 a month ago, Radvision introduced a new plug-in for Lotus Sametime, which adds high definition video conferencing to Sametime environment. The following post was written by guest blogger Sagee Ben Zedeff from Radvision.

I am a big fan of desktop video conferencing, and of RADVISION’s High Definition Scopia Desktop in particular. The ability to communicate with others directly from my laptop wherever I am in High Definition (REAL High Definition @ 720p) is priceless. Add to this the fact that it supports desktop, room system and mobile handset endpoints, and you can truly video conference from anywhere with anyone.

And now Lotus Sametime users can enhance their collaboration and communication experience using Scopia Desktop in Lotusphere 2009. Among the recent exciting announcements, RADVISION unveiled a unique plug-in for Sametime, based on Scopia Desktop, which seamlessly adds high definition video conferencing to Sametime’s environment.

RADVISION’s conferencing platform, SCOPIA, has been supporting IBM’s unified communication and collaboration platform for a long time now. However, using the new Sametime plug-in, Sametime users can now enjoy multi-point HD video conferencing in their IM or web conferencing sessions easily and seamlessly.

The plug-in is simple and fully integrated into Sametime, centrally managed and deployed without any complex installation issues or licensing fees. You just click on the video icon in Lotus Sametime or Web Conferencing and you are ready to go.

In fact, Sametime users don’t need to change anything in their hardware or software. They can still use the same PC and webcam, yet enjoy the new HD services. The plug-in uses PC resources (processor power, network bandwidth) efficiently, allowing for H.264 video with highest quality, sending and receiving HD @ 720p resolution. It will even automatically detect CPU and bandwidth availability, and determine optimal parameters to guarantee the best experience for your setup.

If this sounds too good to be true, you can actually give Scopia Desktop a (free) test right now and see for yourself.

High definition video conferencing is happening everywhere, now is the time to start enjoying it on Sametime.


Sagee Ben-Zedeff is a technology researcher in the CTO’s office at RADVISION. He has been developing video technologies and video related products for the past decade. He also writes the Video Over Enterprise blog, which deals with video and video applications “with an enterprise slant”.

The people shaping our world – Time Magazine

Time Magazine has just published The 100 People who Shape Our World list.
In the spirit of ‘listing’ that’s going on in the world, this current list isn’t surprising – not the individuals who occupy it, but rather the making of it. Time needed something to cover the gap created by Man of The Year cover story, published couple of months ago, which I commented about previously.

But back to The People who Shape our World list.
In the spirit of Web 2.0, Time took one step towards their readers (who often publish their own content), and opened another list, simply put Your Time 100 list. The magazine entered 200 names into an online, up-to-the-minute, open to the public list, and gave the power to the people. And the people voted, by the numbers…
When I checked the list last week, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert was #1, and Rain (who?!) was out of sight.. But now, Rain, a Korean R&B Singer, came in number 1, with a whopping 470,000 votes, almost 200,000 more than Colbert who came in 2nd.
I think most of you know the person who came in 3rd: Sanjaya Malakar, an American Idol 6 finalists, who left AI6 2 weeks ago, 2 months later than I expected, and later hoped
On the other hand, I liked seeing Richard Dawkins, at #7, an Atheist, author of The God Delusion, which I wrote about in my previous post.
Just to show you the immense power of the web, and who really controls it.. Readers, not editors. If you had any doubt, you can check the highly talked about scandal in, over the banning of a certain HD-DVD article…

Going back to the ‘real’ The 100 People Shaping our World list, glad to know Al Gore snatched 1st place in the Scientists and Thinkers section, for his remarkable work on Global Warming. I would like to take this chance to say that if you haven’t seen An inconvenient Truth yet, run now. Take it on DVD, clear 89 minutes, sit back and watch one of the greatest presenter in action.

I know it’s a long list, 100 bios is a lot – I’m only 1/4 ahead of you.. But if you have any interest in what’s going on in the world, who will shape it in the years to come, clear a 30-min slot and start reading. That’s what I’m doing..

Welcome to my blog

I wanted to open a blog for some quite time now, as part of this ‘web 2.0’ trend that’s flooding the web and the IT/Business scene, but there was always something else in my to-do list. I did find the time to open a blog using my employer platform, an internal blog, but after Time Magazine chose ME as Person of The Year 2006 – that was like a sign. Not divine or anything, just a sign.

Well, what’s another blog? already there are over 55 million of them, so what is one more blog?

So, sit back, relax, RSS, and enjoy.

In the meantime, some subscriptions you can find in my Google Reader:
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