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IBM: week in review

It’s been a hectic week, especially the last 2 days, and I had little time to comment about recent IBM/Lotus related events. When I saw this evening that our employee portal (w3 On Demand Workplace) has been updated with Lotus Symphony’s 2008 Product of the Year Award, I knew it was time to post.

Lotus Symphony wins CRN 2008 Product of the Year Award

Lotus Symphony acts much like Microsoft Office, which is good if you are looking for something to replace Office at a fraction of the cost (free!)… The Office 2007 installation here at the Test Center by default saves documents in the Office 97-2003 format (in the interest of backward-compatibility) so there were no problems editing files created in Symphony under Office 2007, or vice versa. The Test Center found Symphony a snap to use, and switching to Symphony after years of using Microsoft Office was painless.

Link: CRN (ChannelWeb) Best Products of 2008

Asteroid hits office building, servers are down
Bilal, my colleague across the pond, has launched (along with the Lotus Foundations team of course) the first ‘official’ IBM viral campaign in recent years (‘The Art of The Sale‘ preceded it, but was more a parody than a solution advertising).

Link: Lotus Foundations Ad Campaign is live! Office Panics!

Web Conferencing in the Clouds
After Lotus Notes and Domino have reached the skies, it was only a matter of time before Lotus Sametime will fly high as well. IBM’s award winning IM solution have been sporting a web version for a long time, that only improved with Web Dialogs’ acquisition. Lotus Sametime Unyte now available in version 8.2, with a new distribution partnership to InterCall’s customers around the world.

Link: IBM Delivers New Cloud Service for Web Conferencing

New: Lotus SocialText Community Wiki
My dear friend Alan Lepofsky has started the Lotus SocialText Community Wiki, a place for Lotus lovers to contribute, connect and create pages. What can you do at the wiki?

  • Create you own pages. Have some information you want to share? Questions you want to ask? Feedback you want to give?
  • Edit pages created by others. That is what wikis are all about! Please help keep the content accurate and up to date.
  • Comment on pages. I know you have opinions!
  • Tag pages. What attributes do you think of when looking at a page?
  • Follow people. This will let you easily see the updates they have made.
  • Tag people. Find people will specific skills. Group like people together.
  • Customize your Dashboard. It’s all about organizing your digital world!

Join now and help spread the Lotus joy 🙂

Link: Get Your Lotus Wiki On

My BFF*, Alan Lepofsky

My close friend and colleague, Alan Lepofsky, announced on his blog that he is leaving IBM and taking the position of Director of Marketing at SocialText, alongside Ross Mayfield. Wow!

Alan has been in Lotus since it was, well, Lotus, back in 1993. Lotus (and later IBM) is the only company he knows. For the past several years Alan has been the senior evangelist dude for Lotus Collaboration strategy, and if you happen to get an email from him, IBM email, his title is ‘Lotus StrategizR’ – COOL.

I came to know Alan some 2 and a half years ago, in my previous role, when I started to get into social media and collaboration, within IBM. Alan was the top result on every internal search I did, and the relationship began. Upon moving to Lotus Software I often quoted his posts and opinions, and he really helped me understand faster what Lotus Collaboration is all about.

The highlight of our (ongoing) relationship had to be LCTY Israel, back in March 2008, where Alan was keynote speaker. His time in Israel was well spent, business and personal, and it was a blast hanging out with him, touring Jerusalem for a day, IBM Party, visiting Haifa Research Labs and hearing him speak. Even thou his keynote was way longer then scheduled, no one said anything – they were hypnotized by his passion, dedication and belief in Lotus, and its collaboration benefits.
Pictured here, outside IBM Haifa Research Labs, you can see some of his enthusiasm – Yellow long-sleeved short (in the Israeli climate), smiling as always, after hearing what IBM researchers are working on in the collaboration space.

Alan, it was an honor and a pleasure working with you in Big Blue, and I wish you all the best as the new marketing chief for Socialtext.

* definition of BFF

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