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Dexter – a Killer Rosh Hashana

There are several highlights to my week, one of them has to be watching Dexter.
If you are not familiar with Michael C. Hall‘s incredible performance as a CSI/Killer dude (day/night) – you should be ashamed of yourselves. What are you doing online?!

Efrat was kind enough to send me this hilarious clip, of what Dexter‘s ‘morning routine‘ would be like, if he was a Jew, at Rosh Hashana. Enjoy!

Army reserve – back after Rosh Hashana

During my mandatory army service, some 12 years ago, I remember spending several holidays at the army. But this marks the first time I’m spending a holiday doing reserve duty.
So, for the coming week I’ll be less available online, as you probably noticed already if you’re following me.

It just so happens that close to my army base lies a remarkable piece of Jewish history, The Herodium Palace-Fortress, which was built by Herod the Great in A.D 23-20. If you’re visiting the Jerusalem area, pin your map for this magnificent fortress.

The photos I took are available at facebook.

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