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Vacation time

Yes, vacation. Merriam Webster defines it as:
a scheduled period during which activity is suspended.

So, for the following week I’ll be vacationing in Prague, without my precious laptop. Yes, my cellphone will still be with me, but I’ll probably refrain from doing business/social related activities, such as checking emails, updating twitter, posting to facebook or reading GReader – to name a few… For 6 days I’ll do my best to disconnect.

See you all soon, and Happy Pesach!!

[Photo courtesy of Sagee]

Where did all the Israeli go?

Just to give you an idea of how many working days we have in the month of Tishrei.
Remember that the Jewish calendar (and Hebrew) are written from right to left, so Sunday is on the right, and Saturday is to the left. Since Fri-Sat are the weekend, we have 10 working days.

Which means I’ll be spending a lot of time at home this month…. :-))

Army reserve – back after Rosh Hashana

During my mandatory army service, some 12 years ago, I remember spending several holidays at the army. But this marks the first time I’m spending a holiday doing reserve duty.
So, for the coming week I’ll be less available online, as you probably noticed already if you’re following me.

It just so happens that close to my army base lies a remarkable piece of Jewish history, The Herodium Palace-Fortress, which was built by Herod the Great in A.D 23-20. If you’re visiting the Jerusalem area, pin your map for this magnificent fortress.

The photos I took are available at facebook.

Happy Pesach !

Spent the entire week in Madrid for a Lotus workshop for IBM South-West Europe – understanding how IBM Israel came to be at South-West Europe is a whole new discussion, that I won’t start here.

Since Pesach is upon us (Saturday), I decided to send a greeting to colleagues in Israel, wishing Happy Holidays. But, we do live in a UGC world, so why not record a Happy Holiday greeting?
Sitting at the hotel lobby, spending time until our flight back to Tel Aviv, I took the initiative.
Alex didn’t share my enthusiasm, but this is not in a democracy. After we took the video using my Nokia N95, we found that it’s in MP4 format, and needed to be converted…. 🙁 So, Alex opened a connection to his home PC, running Linux, converted the file and uploaded. Thanks Alex !

So, straight from Madrid, Spain – Chag Sameach and Happy Holidays!

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