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Your 200 words on social networking in 2008

Much has been said recently about social networking and social software and I even read some predictions (Gartner ITxpo) for 2008 saying social networking will hit the business by storm, and the sooner you acknowledge it, the better.

In the spirit of UGC, I decided to open up my blog (or this post actually), and hear what you have to say about social networking in 2008. In a nutshell, I’m interested in your predictions, your input, your take, on social networking.
Which social networking site will rule 2008? Will you join a(nother) social network in 2008? How many social networks are you signed into now? Will this trend impact your workplace? Do you want this trend to enter your workplace? In what format – internal, external or both?

2 things to consider (and agreeing by commenting) before you start writing:

  • I may reuse your opinion in the future (edited or full, with proper credits of course)
  • KIS (keep it simple) – 200 words or less. I won’t start counting of course, but do your best. What’s 200 words you ask? This post is just under 200. You can count.


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