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The Real Life Facebook LIKE Button

The Coca-Cola Village is an Israeli summer tradition.

Every year, in July-August, thousands of kids in their summer break attend ‘The Village’, a 5-day camp, organized by Coca-Cola Israel, with fun activities, pool, social games and Coca Cola drinks of course. This year, e-dologic, the interactive agency working with Coca-Cola Israel, has developed a very cool solution for connecting the offline world with the online – facebook.

The real life life button - coca-cola village

The real life life button - coca-cola village

Each kid upon entering the village received an RFID¬†bracelet, with his/her facebook profile saved, securely, in that chip. In turn, the kid was able to ‘Like’ each activity he/she performed at the village, showing up on their facebook profile as a 15sec video, outlining the activity, which was pre-recorded.

The ‘Real life facebook like button’ was a huge success (Hebrew), with tens of thousands #LIKES, for a total of under 1,000 participants! Facebook sent over Mark Cowan, VP Operations◊™ Europe, to visit the village and experience ‘The Like Machine‘ first-hand, after Mark Zukerberg heard about it at Cannes Lions by Enon Landenberg, e-dologic CEO.

Update on privacy: in a related post (Hebrew) by Jonathan Klinger, it was suggested that the RFID tag stores the username and password details of each participant, thus making it easy to steal the credentials using a simple RFID reader (or in the event of lost/stolen tag). I double-checked with e-dologic the info I had: The RFID tag only stores a unique id number, worthless on its own. When a participant moves his hand near the RFID reader in the village, the on-site server (protected both physically and virtually) receives the participant location and unique id number, to match against its own DB. Every cycle (Coca-Cola Village has 5-7 cycles, each one 3 days) the DB is formatted, for security reasons. On top of that, participants pay a 15US$ fee to receive the RFID tag, refundable upon return of the tag.

The Real Life LIKE Butoon – Case Study – Coca-Cola Village:

Scary: Facebook Privacy, Then and Now

Facebook are planning to rule the world, and with almost 500 million unique visitors a month, they are heading in the right direction. In January facebook surpassed Yahoo! as the #2 site in the US, with over 133 million unique visitors. In terms of attention (time spent on site as a percentage of all time spent online), is leading the pack, more than Google+Yahoo! combined.

Matt McKeon (IBM Research Center for Social Software) created an amazing infograph, illustrating how our personal information has been exposed to more and more people due to the changed Privacy Policy over the last 5 years. The original animation (plus methodology) is available here, also posted at All Facebook and [Hebrew]. To make things simple, I modified the original, showing the beginning (2005) and present time (April 2010). Over those 5 years there were 6 changes to facebook’s privacy policy, half of them (3) made in the last 8 months (!) – as seen in the original infograph, at the bottom of this post.

Facebook privacy settings, 2005 vs 2010

Facebook's default privacy settings, 2005 vs 2010

If you’re still on facebook using the default settings, now is the time to make a change. Here are couple of guides:

FastCompany (April 2010) –Time to audit your facebook privacy settings (Dec 2009) – 10 new privacy settings every user should know (May 2010, Hebrew) – 8 tips for keeping your facebook information private

Original infograph:

Facebook's privacy settings

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