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The 4 p.m break

You nay know the feeling, especially if you’re working until late in the evening…
4 p.m is always a barrier, between the active lunch and the less active afternoon… when people are starting to leave and you have some time to read emails/browse the web/reed feeds/watch videos (circle your choice). I read that YouTube have some 100m videos watched each day. 100m, each day. That’s a lot. and that the average user is staying for 16-17 min on the site, meaning he’s watching several videos, not just one.

In one of those random visits I had to YouTube I came across this funny Heroes parody, from MADtv. Apparently Madtv (like SNL) produce parodies as part of the show, and you can find other videos in the related section at YouTube. So, for my 4 p.m break, and yours, I give you Heroes parody. ENJOY!

Here’s the link..

American Idol is back!

Folks, AI is back, for the 6th time.
Most of you would probably say that the main issue of the show is to find ‘The Next American Idol”, but I say that it’s all about the auditions. If it’s the only part you’re watching, let it be the auditions. Funny, yet disturbing at the same time. I hate to say, but some of the contestants have serious issues. Serious. Major.
There were couple of guys in Minnesota and Seattle that I would strongly recommend keep a close eye on, and now allowing them near your children.

Anyhow, for more important things: Prison Break is back!! and Heroes!! Tomorrow! Did I tell you that Hiro Nakamora is my personal Hero? and did you know that Heroes has their own page at Wikipedia? Awesome…

And, we’ll wrap up this post with the series everyone’s been waiting for: 24. And I’m not the only one that has been waiting: another 33 million people have also been waiting, not to mention tens of thousand more on the web. Agent Jack Bauer is back, resenbeling Saddam Hussein with the hair and all, but after 2 hours is the old Jack we know.

So, set your Tivo (or your other recording/downloading devices) – finally there’s something to watch on TV.

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