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It’s (same)time for High Definition

IBM and Radvision has a long-lasting partnership in the IM space, with IBM’s Lotus Sametime and Radvision’s Scopia Desktop solution. In Lotusphere 2009 a month ago, Radvision introduced a new plug-in for Lotus Sametime, which adds high definition video conferencing to Sametime environment. The following post was written by guest blogger Sagee Ben Zedeff from Radvision.

I am a big fan of desktop video conferencing, and of RADVISION’s High Definition Scopia Desktop in particular. The ability to communicate with others directly from my laptop wherever I am in High Definition (REAL High Definition @ 720p) is priceless. Add to this the fact that it supports desktop, room system and mobile handset endpoints, and you can truly video conference from anywhere with anyone.

And now Lotus Sametime users can enhance their collaboration and communication experience using Scopia Desktop in Lotusphere 2009. Among the recent exciting announcements, RADVISION unveiled a unique plug-in for Sametime, based on Scopia Desktop, which seamlessly adds high definition video conferencing to Sametime’s environment.

RADVISION’s conferencing platform, SCOPIA, has been supporting IBM’s unified communication and collaboration platform for a long time now. However, using the new Sametime plug-in, Sametime users can now enjoy multi-point HD video conferencing in their IM or web conferencing sessions easily and seamlessly.

The plug-in is simple and fully integrated into Sametime, centrally managed and deployed without any complex installation issues or licensing fees. You just click on the video icon in Lotus Sametime or Web Conferencing and you are ready to go.

In fact, Sametime users don’t need to change anything in their hardware or software. They can still use the same PC and webcam, yet enjoy the new HD services. The plug-in uses PC resources (processor power, network bandwidth) efficiently, allowing for H.264 video with highest quality, sending and receiving HD @ 720p resolution. It will even automatically detect CPU and bandwidth availability, and determine optimal parameters to guarantee the best experience for your setup.

If this sounds too good to be true, you can actually give Scopia Desktop a (free) test right now and see for yourself.

High definition video conferencing is happening everywhere, now is the time to start enjoying it on Sametime.


Sagee Ben-Zedeff is a technology researcher in the CTO’s office at RADVISION. He has been developing video technologies and video related products for the past decade. He also writes the Video Over Enterprise blog, which deals with video and video applications “with an enterprise slant”.

US troops are chatting with Lotus Sametime

The US Army is considered very hi-tech, adopting many technologies that enable the troops and commanders to be more connected – to the field and to each other. Nevertheless, I was pleased to read over at The Sametime Blog (John Del Pizzo), that the US troops in Iraq are using IBM Lotus Sametime to communicate with one another, and video-chat with colleagues back in the US. The Army usage of Lotus Sametime isn’t for chatting alone – it’s a complete unified communication and collaboration solution, that enables troops to transfer text, audio, video and files, over a secure network, in a single interface.

“We’re hitting between 5,000 and 6,000 chats per day,” said Lt. Col. Mathew Riordan, product manager for the Army’s program office for EIS Enterprise Information Systems. “There is a lot of communication. Someone in theater can easily chat with someone in Warren, Mich.”

The army also took advantage of the solution’s development platform, and added a plug-in that creates groups based on geographical location:

“Basically, what we did was took their product and added a thing called groups,” Riordan said. “When someone goes into the system, they can go in to chat online. There are 351 public groups showing who is online. You can add your office and see anyone that is online.”

Lotus Sametime also enables forces on the ground in Iraq to get better intelligence, using the knowledge the previous force gathered on its tour:

“If I go to Iraq, I can reach back and ask about a mullah or a mosque or an intersection,” said Daniel Gouré, vice president of the Lexington Institute, a Fairfax, Va.-based think tank. “It can really help the knowledge base. This is the Army really thinking.”

The Sametime Blog – The official US Army chat room software
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Strategy Page – The official US Army chat room software
IBM Lotus Sametime on

And, finally, while on the subject of Lotus Sametime, a nice retrospective video of Sametime’s first 10 years (1998-2008):

“You’re so Fired !”

Now, truthfully, wouldn’t you like to do what they’re doing? at least once?!
I totally see myself in a helmet, bashing old IT hardware – looks FUN !!

Seen at Adam’s.

And, while we’re at Lotus Sametime – Happy 10th Birthday !!!
Yes, IBM Lotus Sametime, the award-winning corporate instant messaging solution, with over 18 million users, is 10 years old. And what a better present than (another) award, this one from Frost & Sullivan, 2008 North American Enterprise Product of the Year.

IBM Lotus came out swinging with its Sametime unified communications and collaboration product suite,” said Melanie Turek, Frost & Sullivan. “One of the key things that makes Sametime standout from competitors is that it supports multi-vendor environments, which are the norm for most mid- and large-size organizations today.

Happy Birthday !

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