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I’m a YellowBleeder, are you?

Now there’s another method to reach me, other than email/IM/Connections/Blog/facebook/ST-Demo/LinkedIn/phone/mobile – YellowBleeders group. Nathan Freeman of Lotus911 (and Alan Lepofsky and Adam Gartenberg) just wrote on how you can make your Lotus Sametime client or Notes 8 embed client ‘talk’ with the social software buffs already signed-in to

You’re welcome to ping me !


The guys over at have taken viral marketing to the next level with the creation of . Bleedyellow is based on Lotus Connections, and is a place where the Lotus faithful gather to post personal profiles, write blogs, share bookmarks, create communities, track activities, and build applications. You can stroll the site without registration, see the people (Profiles), read the blogs, track favorites (Dogear). To participate, you must register (free).

If you happen to attend Lotusphere right now, I would recommend meeting them – just look for the claws sigh…

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